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Boys of Fall V ... New auction Dynasty startup

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The Boys of Fall leagues are expanding this year and are trying auction style drafting for the first time

we host on myfantasyleague sites

the ruleset is below, BUT please note that those rules are for our snake drafting style leagues, so we will adjust the rules just for player acquisition

please email with interest

what makes this league unique?

1) The starting lineup requirements allow for very different strategies to be employed - 1QB, 1RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF, 1superflex (any), 1flex (RB,WR,TE)

2) EVERY position is of extreme importance in this league - even the defenses can win or lose you games week to week

3) Tanking doesn't improve your draft positioning - league uses possible points as the draft order, no more 'dump' trades or bad lineups by the lower echelon

4) Conditional trading is allowed - Example - Dan Marino was traded by team A to team B subject to the following conditions: If Dan Marino ranks in the top 5 at his position at the end of the current season, Team A will receive a 2014 first round draft pick as compensation, if Dan Marino finishes ouside of the top 5 ranking Team A will receive a 2014 second round pick.

5) PPR is weighted TE>WR>RB

6) No divisions, and every team plays every other team once - it doesn't get any fairer than that

7) The higher seeded teams get to choose which opponent they play in the fantasy playoffs - Example: in the semis the #1 seed gets to choose his opponent from the other 3 teams regardless of their seed, which gives a little more importance to regular season

here is the ruleset: ... 50242&O=26

here is the scoring: ... 50242&O=09

entry fees are set at $55 - basically i want it low enough that no one will ever have to leave due to financial concerns and yet high enough that owners won't just pack it in if they start out badly

been commishing leagues since 1989 ... Boys of Fall leagues have been running since 2006 ... for legitimacy i will give all the other leagues websites i commish for you to check, as well as the other leagues i'm in, my email address, cell phone number, verified paypal account status, league message board posts showing paypal receipts of payments right after season, feel free to contact any member of any league i commish, ebay userID (to check feedback), basically any other piece of information you need to verify i'm not a cyberthief

The BOYS OF FALL (BOF) - Dynasty League

I. OBJECT - To assemble a lineup of pro football players whose stats during each week of the regular season compiled and measured by the methods described in these rules, exceed those of the scheduled opponent(s) for that week.


· 14 teams – 30 players per team consisting of 29 NFL players and 1 college player. Owners who choose not to own a college player only will have a 29-man roster

· Rosters will never exceed 30 players, whether in-season or out of season. If you want to draft a rookie you have to drop below 30 before you pick. If you want to pick up a free agent you must drop below 30 to do so.

· There are no injured reserve or taxi squad rosters. Having a roster of 30 is the same as having a roster of 22 with large taxi squad and a couple injured reserve spots

· You must carry 2 defenses on your roster, no more, no less

· You can only have 1 college player on your team. His college stats do not count, he is simply a placeholder for a roster spot if and when he eventually makes the NFL roster. If you want to draft or trade for a new college player on your team you must release or trade your current college player. There will be no free agent activity involving college players so when an owner releases a college player he can only be re-obtained during a rookie draft

· No other maximum or minimum roster requirements other than you must be able to field a starting lineup at all times (i.e. no kicker-less or defense-less rosters in the off-season)


1QB, 1RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Superflex (any), 1Flex(rb,wr,te), 1K, 1DST

Players are locked at scheduled kickoff of their game, NOT at scheduled kickoff time for the early Sunday games.

Failing to submit a lineup will result in defaulting to previous week's starting lineup.

Fantasy games are final as of the start of the following week of games. Owners are responsible for verifying the scores and the legality of lineups of both their own team and their competition.

Lineup submission is official when time-stamped by the website (can find verification on Transactions page) – If for whatever reason a lineup can not be submitted through the website, it is an owner’s responsibility to get his lineup to the commissioner and his opponent BEFORE kickoff of games. Technical difficulties will not be accepted as an excuse after players have already began their games; the lineup from the previous week will then be used. In summary, lineup submission is solely the responsibility of the owner. MFL website allows you to set your lineup weeks in advance so please take advantage of that ability and then you just have to tweak your lineup submission weekly.

If an owner, due to illness/tragedy/hospitalization/etc, is unable to manage his team then the following will be attempted in this order: 1) find a replacement owner to manage the team for the length of time of the initial owner’s absence; 2) commissioner will field a starting lineup of the highest scoring non-bye-week healthy starters each week until the owner returns

You may not start a player on a bye week if another option is available. Also, carrying an entire position of hurt players may be viewed as tanking by the league and be subject to the tanking sanctions listed below. Do everyone a favor and pick up a free agent to start.

You must start a non-bye-week DST, failure to do so results in a -40 point score for your DST that week and can also be viewed as tanking if you had other starting or free agent options


$55 each year - $50 of which goes to prize pool, $5 goes to MFL fees and any other miscellaneous expenses

Prize pool = $700

BOF champ = $250

BOF runner-up = $100

BOF playoff qualifier = $50 (x 6 = $300)

BOF Regular season total points leader = $50

V. DRAFT – (this rules section covers future years’ drafting, not the initial start-up draft)

· The BOF rookie draft will take place following the real NFL player draft

· The BOF rookie draft will consist of NFL rookies and college players only and will last for 4 rounds

· Any owner wanting to draft their one college player in the BOF rookie draft must elevate their current college player to their roster if he has been drafted on an NFL team or release their current college player if he is still in college or went unsigned by an NFL team

· The BOF veteran draft will take place just before the season and will last for 4 rounds (listed as rounds 5-8 on the MFL draft report)

· The BOF veteran draft consists of any NFL player not on a BOF roster including rookies not chosen in the BOF rookie draft

· Owners may pass when it is their turn to pick

· Draft order for both drafts is determined by worst-to-first order from the preceding year DETERMINED BY POSSIBLE POINTS. Draft slots 1-8 are slotted in reverse order of possible points so TANKING DOESN’T HELP YOUR DRAFT POSITION. Playoff teams who didn’t make the BOF Bowl are slotted draft picks 9-12 by possible points. The runner-up chooses 13th and the champion chooses 14th regardless of where they finished in the regular season

· Each round is in the same order, it is not serpentine

· Drafts are slow drafts, 12 hours per pick with the draft timer shut off between 11pm CST til 8am CST

· If an owner runs out of time his pick is skipped and the next drafter can select. The skipped owner can submit his pick to the commissioner at anytime, preferably through a time-stamped message board post for all to see

· If you want to select a player that is not listed in MFL’s database (such as a NFL practice squad player or college player) simply draft a player in the MFL database who is retired (such as RB Edgerrin James FA) and in the comment section of the draft you type in who the player is you are actually selecting, then the commissioner can make a custom placeholder for that player and replace Tiki with the edited custom player).


· The consequence of breaking a trade rule is that the trade will be overturned as well as any other sanctions listed

· All trades require approval from the commissioner. The commissioner reserves the right to call for a league vote if he feels that a trade has been executed to maliciously upset the balance of the league and/or a trade has been executed for collusive purposes. League unbalancing trades can also be subject to a league vote if brought to the commissioner’s attention by three other owners. Don’t whine. If you have the kahoni’s to turn in a trade where you received Adrian Peterson and Andre Johnson for your 2013 second rounder, then you should be man enough to sit through a league vote with a likely chance that a 2/3rds majority will overturn your trade. Conversely, don’t get your feelings hurt if you were the one who actually thought that a 2nd rounder was okay compensation for two Hall-of-Famers. A league vote on your trade is not personal. Lastly, a trade doesn’t necessarily have to involve collusion to be overturned. 10 of 14 “no” votes will overturn a trade and if one thinks about it, it is really 10 of 12 assuming the two involved vote “yes”

· Trade deadline is kickoff of week 13.

· Trades may not involve cash considerations

· There will be no pre-arranged or short-term trades between teams. Once a player leaves a team roster via trade, the specific player(s) cannot be re-acquired for one year without commissioner approval

· There will be no “two-part” trades for example: ("You give me Aaron Rodgers this week and I'll give you Michael Vick next week," or, "Here's a 3 player for 3 player trade, but I don't want to give you my RB until next week. Let's trade the other 2 for 2 now and agree to swap the remaining players next week")

· Trades may involve future draft picks, but if an owner trades more than one future draft pick in a given year he must pay his fees for that year before the trade will go through (stops the complete wholesale sellout trying to win in the current year and then subsequently leaving the league with the replacement owner having a depleted set of draft picks for the orphaned team). That way if an owner bails, the new owner can play for free the first year.

· When you accept a trade on the website or, make sure that it is indeed what you wish to do. If an error is made in accepting the offer when you meant to reject it, contact the other owner and the commissioner immediately (i.e. within a few minutes) and make a post on the message board explaining your error.

· Check trade offers you send and make sure they are correct. It is the responsibility of the sending owner to revoke offers that are incorrect. Also it is a good habit to not leave trade offers standing for a long time due to changing circumstances of the players involved in the deal

· For a trade to be official, it must be consummated on the website or called into the commissioner by BOTH parties

· Firesale trades will be monitored by the commissioner, A good idea is to field offers from all the playoff contenders if you plan on “playing for the future.”

· You may not use waivers to make a “trade” after the trade deadline

. You may trade waiverwire position

· Conditional trades are allowed if they follow these two criteria: FIRST, they must be reported to the commissioner at the same time as the trade using the trade comment section AND clearly and thoroughly posted on the league message board and SECONDLY conditional trades must be based on one or more of the following potential objective criteria: 1) Points accrued in our scoring system, 2) Final regular season ranking of a player in our scoring system, 3) Whether the player scores more or less points or ranks higher or lower than a different player in our scoring system, 4) Total games played as listed by (to account for injuries), and/or 5) A BOF team's final ranking in the standings at the end of the regular season. It is the owners’ responsibility to follow through on the outcome of conditional trades.

EXAMPLE of a conditional trade: For example, Dan Marino was traded by team A to team B subject to the following conditions:

If Dan Marino ranks in the top 5 at his position at the end of the current season, Team A will receive a 2013 first round draft pick as compensation, if Dan Marino finishes ouside of the top 5 ranking Team A will receive a 2013 second round pick.


Waiver Claim requests will run from kickoff of the first game of the week through Wednesday 11:30 PM ET. Then first come, first served through kickoff of the first game of the following week. Waivers end on week 17 kickoff.

Waivers will run on a priority basis with the first week based on draft order, once you use a waiver claim you go to the back of the line, so use it wisely


Owners are responsible for notifying the commissioner/website of stat changes should they occur. MFL has its own forum that discusses stat changes of NFL games.

The official source of stats is If you find an error with their stats for a given player in a given week, you can appeal to their moderator on the MFL forum and see if they will change their scoring

A special teams play is any play where the punt team or kicking team takes the field and puts the ball in play


Every 25 passing yards = 1 point

Every 10 rushing or receiving yards = 1 point

Touchdown pass = 4 points

Touchdown run, catch, recovery, or return = 6 points

2 pt. conversion (run, pass or catch) = 2 points

Every 3 receptions = 1 point for RB, 2 points for WR, 3 points for TE

Field goal 0 - 39 yards = 3 points

Field goal 40 - 49 yards = 4 points

Field goal 50 – 59 yards = 5 points

Field goal 60+ yards = 6 points

Extra point = 1 points


Points allowed = X - X points

Kickoff return for TD 10 points

Punt return for TD 10 points

Blocked punt return for TD 10 points

Blocked field goal return for TD 10 points

Missed field goal return 10 points

Interception return for TD 10 points

Fumble return for TD 10 points

Fake punt for TD 10 points

Fake FG for TD 10 points


Week 1-13 every team plays every other team once

Week 14 – BOF quarterfinals seeds 3,4,5,6 (top 2 seeds get a bye, on Tuesday the #3 seed chooses his opponent from the other three playoff teams and the leftover two play each other)

Week 15 – BOF semifinals (two quarterfinal winners advance, on Tuesday the #1 seed chooses his opponent from the other three playoff teams and the leftover two play each other)

Week 16 – BOF Bowl (two semi-final winners)

Week 17 – no games

Ties in playoff games are awarded to the higher seed (home-field advantage)

XI. TIEBREAKERS – for playoff seeding AND drafting position

· Ties are not broken for regular season games, a tie is a tie

· A regular season tie is worth a ½ win and a ½ loss for winning % purposes

· If one team advances or is eliminated in a multiple-team tiebreaker, the remaining teams revert to step 1 of the tiebreaker process below:

· 1) Total points

· 2) Head-to-head

· 3) All-play record

· 4) Power rank

XII. ETHICS – if you think of crossing the fine line between competitive and unethical - remember the league Motto: “Your replacement is an internet message board post away”

Tanking is not allowed – Some teams may not understand the “possible points” draft order rule above and think that tanking or not paying attention will help their next year’s draft position – Even though tanking doesn’t help them in the draft they may not figure that out or they may lose a game on purpose to help a friend out or hurt a rival - Any team submitting (or not submitting) a lineup to intentionally lose a game will be put before a league vote. If the majority of the league judges that the team is guilty of tanking, that team will forfeit its first-round rookie draft pick the following season. If the tanked lineup is caught before game time, the owner will be able to correct his error in judgment, or the commissioner can set a lineup using the highest scoring non-bye-week players

Collusion is not allowed – Any owners suspected of collusion can be removed and prizes won due to the collusive act can be withheld and dispersed elsewhere

Trades with cash considerations are not allowed

Short-term “I’ll-trade-him-back-to-you” trades are not allowed

Misleading trade proposals are not ethical. Sending a trade offer with RB Adrian Peterson CHI in the hopes that the receiving owner just accepts thinking it was the star player and not the lesser known will be reversed by the commissioner

Accepting a trade offer after an injury occurs to one of the players offered is unethical. Example: Team A sends Team B an offer on the website Joe Montana for Jerry Rice. Team B wants to think it over as he watches the 49er game over the weekend. Jerry Rice tears his ACL and Team B rushes to the website to hit accept. The commissioner will reverse these trades.


· This fantasy football league is governed by a “Committee of the Whole”, which consists of all team owners. All decisions, interpretations and rule changes are determined by a majority vote (except those 3 cases listed below) of this committee. All rule changes or additions take effect the following year unless he vote is unanimous in which case the vote may take effect immediately if applicable.

· It would be impossible to address every situation and scenario that may arise. While these rules attempt to address the needs of the League, we realize that a situation may arise wherein these rules do not apply. The commissioner may happen upon an instance not covered in these rules and has the authority to make a “Best-interests-of-the-league” decision. This authority does not supersede the Committee of the Whole above, but would cover instances where a league vote would not be applicable or lack the time to be completed

· Rule changes involving 1) Scoring changes; 2) Starting lineup requirements; or 3) Draft pick determination will need to be unanimous to be approved. Folks made draft and trade decisions based on the rules in place and to change them with a simple majority isn’t fair to how they planned to draft


· If a strike shortens the season prematurely, then the prize pool will be refunded if fewer than seven games have been played... If seven or more games have been played pool money will be divided by current standings using tiebreakers if needed.

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we are full

BUT ... there has been sufficient interest to start another one if we get some more so i'm making a waiting list if interested

currently 4 of 14

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