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(2 Spots) LeagueSafe / Yahoo 100% Payout $1,000 Entry Fantasy Football League

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Please contact me if interested:

This is the current league info:

12-Team League (2 spots left on Yahoo)

Buy-In: $1,000 through, which charges a 3% fee, so $1,030 total. There will be a 100% Payout at end of season.


Best regular season record: $500 (tiebreaker: most points)

Most regular season points: $500

1st: $7,000

2nd: $3,000

3rd: $1,000

All payments to the league and payouts will be by, as mentioned.


Draft will done with a Third Round Serpentine or Third Round "Flip" so the team picking first doesn't have such a huge advantage. Round 3 is reversed from the original "snake" draft order, so the person going last in Round 1 gets to go first in Rounds 2, 3. Hence the "flip". After that change in Round 3, it continues to snake down the draft board, just like before, so the twist occurs between Rounds 2 and 3.

Once the league is full i will randomize a draft order using's Fantasy Draft Order Generator. Completely random and fair--results will be publically viewable obviously.

First Round: 1.....12

Second Round: 12.....1

Third Round: 12.....1

Fourth Round: 1.....12

Fifth Round: 12.....1

Sixth Round: 1.....12

Seventh Round: 12.....1 and so on.

Free agents: We will be using FAAB, if you dont know what it is look it up. Everyone will get $1,000 to use for bidding.

Trades: We will use the "League Votes" option, where 1/3 of the league has to disapprove a trade for it to be veto-ed. In this case, since its 12 teams, that would be 4 teams disapproving to nullify a trade. May switch to commissioner votes depending on league vote once full.

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