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Open invites for five $ leagues with varying settings

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Whats up fellas. I'm commishing a bunch of leagues this year with varying settings and I'm looking for fresh blood. See below for some details and please feel free to ask any questions. Funds will be handled through (basically a startup similar to leaguesafe without a 2.5% charge for deposits)

Be in touch if you would like me to send you an invite to one or more leagues. My e-mail is Thanks and good luck this year.

Chain Gang Fantasy - Draft August 26, 8:30 PM EST

- 12 man, $50, Auction Draft, H2H, IDPs, 0.5 PPR

Fumblerooskie Fantasy 2013 - Draft August 29, 8:30 PM EST

- 12 man, $50, Snake Draft, H2H, 2 QB and 2 DEF, 0.25 PPR

2013 Auction of Champions - August 28, 8:30 PM EST

- 14 man, $50, Auction Draft, Total Points Roto, IDPs, 0.5 PPR

Daa Fantasy Football League - August 22, 8:30 PM EST

- 16 man, $100, Snake Draft, H2H, 0.5 PPR

The Auction Life - August 23, 8:30 PM EST

- 20 man, $100, Auction Draft, Total Points Roto, 0.5 PPR


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