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Very Active 20 team Points H2H seeks replacement

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We are a very active 20 person Points Head to Head League. We are looking for 1 potential active owner that's willing to follow guidelines in place. We encourage activity a number of ways. Through our Chatbox, Our Polls, League discussions and trade discussion although our trade deadline has come and gone. We are guideline oriented because it works for all of us if that's not you then that's ok but please move on.

Here in it's full length Is our League Guidelines discussion copied:

Team Guidelines

Important Note!

Due to the play of a former Cubs owner it should be noted to the entire league in a public place that YOU MUST maintain a Major League roster AT ALL TIMES. Please do not dump off your major leaguers for prospects and quit on the year. It does not matter if you are playoff bound or competing for the first overall pick. You have to maintain a major league roster. Failure to do so will result in a warning and having all transactions reversed until you have a major league roster. If you continue to engage in detrimental behavior after the warning then you will be kicked from the league.


Trades must follow these guidelines:

1. Trade is accepted by both parties.

2. Once accepted, one of the involved parties shall create a thread showing the trade (players and draft picks involved), with their individual acceptance, where, as well, both parties to the trade can post the reasons/thinking behind said trade (NOT mandatory, yet will be appreciated). These thoughts are then "out there" as the trade review occurs and should the LM/co-LM's have an issue with the trade, they will have the necessary information needed to further consider the trade. By streamlining the process, it will allow for a decision to be made as quickly as possible. This will also allow for more transparency throughout the league.

3. Non-involved parties can offer insights into the trade, (as part of the thread), which will be weighed a bit less than LM/co-LM's considerations, yet it will allow for other points of views to be considered.

4. The LM/co-LM's will then go forward and decide on the trade, ideally within the 2 day review period, after which, assuming passage, the deal will be put through.


Extended absences are usually noticed and if you know your going to be gone for vacation or what ever reason let some one know. Failure to attend to your team in a timely, reasonable fashion likely will lead to email notices and possible removal and replacement. Fun leagues are ones which have 100% activity.

Trade Dead Line

August 2nd.

Play off Alignment

As found in this discussion thread from back in May.


First, through nothing more than serendipitous good fortune, none of our divisions have a clear advantage in terms of American or National League teams, in fact, the league, as a whole, has 9 American League and 11 National League clubs, AND each division has a 3-to-2 split. This choice of teams was one of, if not the pre-eminent, reason for the alignment I used to create the divisions we currently use.

The issue that needs to be dealt with is that without a clear NL/AL breakout, we must consider which divisions will oppose one another in the preliminary playoff rounds so that we will wind up with two teams, one from our "AL and one for our NL". Our NL will be "league" the that has the, majority of NL teams (6) (North & South) and our AL will be the ones with the fewest NL teams (5) (East & West). At seasons end, the top two teams in each division will make the playoffs (N#1 v. S#2) & (N#2 v. S#1) for the NL and for the AL (E#1 v. W#2) & E#2 v. W#1). The winner of each of these series will meet in the league championship games (N# v. S#) and (E# v. W#) for each league. Finally, the winner of the AL will oppose the winner of the NL, winner will be declared League Champion.

Addendum to Team Guidelines:

Please remember one of our guidelines is that you MUST have active players in active slots whenever possible. Days off and guys listed as DTD are alright but guys on the DL should not be slotted into active slots unless they are getting activated you MUST find and field a replacement. You can not leave the slot empty. The Above applies mostly to offensive slots.

Pitching: If you have less then 4 Starting on any given day and have both Relief slots filled with active Relief pitchers you may if necessary carry a DL pitcher in a Starting slot if your 3 DL spots are occupied.

I understand it's a more lengthy read but if you've read through and are willing to follow on the guidelines we have in place, I'd like to hear back from you with your age, Fantasy baseball Experiences and successes. Would also like you to be fairly established on these forums. Please take a look at the following as well before you reply.

Our Front Page can be found here: http://games.espn.go...9&seasonId=2013

Team we're looking for a replacement for can be found here: http://games.espn.go...9&seasonId=2013

It's not a terrible team and by no means a rebuild but is also not playoff bound. We're looking for someone who can tend to the team on daily basis, setting rosters, making sure active players are in active slots and pitchers are set. With an eye towards next year starting with the draft and drafting around 6 keepers. We're in the process of changing the keeper amount to Keeping a Minimum of 4 max of 8 but until the league as a whole decides on the change just think you have to keep 6.

So After reading all that Let me first say thank you for reading and if you're interested please Respond by a PM.


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Position has been filled but you didn't read the entire post so would not be a good fit.

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I did but couldn't reply by pm as new to the site.

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Position Not Filled, We are still looking. Please read OP and reply to me via PM. This is a chance to get into a very active, Deep league that looks to continue into the future.

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