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Thunderbay Bombers

also looking for dynasty/ keeper baseball league

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I have a couple openings in two different dynasty leagues. Ones a 12 team league with a decent team and one is a team in need of rebuilding in a 14 team league.

Email me at for more info.

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40 man rosters

25 active

15 taxi squad

4X4 league

No fees for trades

$15-$20 administration fee

$100 yearly team fee

$300 Salary floor

$600 salary cap

Everything is contract based and all contracts are guaranteed so for example if you sign Miguel Cabrera to a 5 year $50/year deal then if you wanted to cut him after the first year you would have to buy out the rest of his contract which would be $200 which gets paid in cash to the league. Everybody is eligible for a contract including minor leaguers, college players, high schoolers. There would be a salary floor of $300 and a cap of $600 and it would have to encompass the entire 40 man roster. Every team will be responsible to be within those parameters by opening day.

The bulk of the work will be done the first year as teams fill out their rosters. Free agency for the following year will begin after the world series. For the first year we'll have a lottery as to who gets to throw out the first player and in the following years it will go by order of finish with last place going first. The person who throws out the player for auction sets the year parameters for the contract. For example if I throw out Joe Mauer at 3 years $10/year the entire bidding process for mauer will be based on a three year deal and so it would be for all players. Escalating or deescalating contracts are not allowed, the money stays the same for each year. The max number of years for a major league player is 5 years and for a non major leaguer 7 years. For in season contract offers it goes by first in time to start the bidding. To cut a player in season you would have to pay off whatever he is owed which includes the entire first years salary. All contracts are paid before the year so if there is an in season deal the money exchange for that season would take place privately between those 2 teams and it should then be published to the entire league.

Further details and nuances can be worked in as we get close to league formation.

Looking for die-hard competitive guys who want a good time and are in for the long haul.

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Good team available in Deep, Keeper, Auction, Mixed AL and NL League.

Team available before our Rule 5 Draft in October.

$10 annual team fee covers stat service. No prize money. The joy comes from beating some serious competitors.

This is a GM styled League, not a daily manager type. Transactions are weekly bidding on Sunday evenings in real time with transparency. No bench, so no daily lineup to set.

6 x 6 categories. Our annual Rule 5 Draft is during MLB playoffs.

For more detailed info please email League Commissario at RankinRoadKat AT

Nothing truly valued was achieved easily.

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