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1 add Left. Pick up Eovaldi? Jarred Cosart? Nolasco? Gerrit Cole?Ian Kennedy? A.J Griffin?

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I want to pick up one more pitcher for my last add. I am in desperate need of Low ERA (3pts) and WHIP (4pts).

I want to drop one guy from this list:

Clay Buchholz ( no idea when he is coming back)

Roy Halladay (No idea when he is coming back and if he does how bad will he be?)

Alexi Ogando (Shoulder issues, yet again)

Zach Wheeler

Jeff Locke


Xander Bogaerts

BJ Upton

Aramis Ramirez

Would like to pick up:

Nate Eovaldi (pitched an epic outing against the hottest team in baseball, the guy hits 98-99 on the gun. He is on a terrible team)

Jarred Cosart (Has been very solid, Eventually will get lit up?)

Ricky Nolasco (Solid since the trade)

Gerrit Cole (Velocity is slowly decreasing)

Ian Kennedy ( Finally getting it back, decent era since joining padres)

A.J Griffin (?)

Chris Archer (Looks baked in his espn picture.)

Yovanni Gallardo ( garbage this year)

John Lackey (Boston trusts him)

Sorry for the long thread. There is only a week left and I don't want to be sitting on these guys that might come back. My hitting has finally fell into place, now I need to re-kindle my ERA and WHIP I am currently in 3rd place


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With that being said who would you drop on my team?

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Now sonny gray is an option to add... any thoughts?

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