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What's your fantasy football draft strategy?

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I thought it would be interesting to see how different people are choosing to draft their teams. Feel free to give critiques and such.

Here's my strategy:

I'm going running backs early (popular strategy, I know). I'm taking RB-RB first two rounds, then either a top 10 wide receiver in round 3 or if Jimmy Graham is there you better believe I'm snatching him up. For example, in the mock I just did, I went Spiller-Morris-Graham-Fitzgerald. I'm probably waiting until at least the 5th round to draft a QB; there are some good options later in the draft like Russell Wilson, who could be had in the 7th round. Obviously kickers and defenses go last, but I'm likely aiming for elite running backs early and filling up my bench with handcuffs in the later rounds. I'm also thinking of grabbing a handcuff to an elite running back even if I don't have said elite running back on my team. If that running back goes down, the handcuff could be used as trade bait for a potentially weaker position on my roster (last year I traded Bryce Brown for AJ Green). For wide receivers, I'd like a good one, top 10 or so, and then because WR is deeper, I'm okay waiting a bit for any other wide receivers I take.

Let's hear it, any strategies people would like to share?

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