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Feedback on my 2013 Teams

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Hello all, its my 5th season playing Fantasy Football and this year I kept it simple and only drafted for two leagues this season. I would like to list both of my teams and early transactions and garner any feedback. Both teams are 10 team leagues with friends and I would love to win either one or both of these leagues this season having took second in both last year:

The first is my big money 2 keeper league on ESPN. 10 teams, Standard scoring:

QB- Drew Brees NO -Keeper from last season

RB- Marshawn Lynch SEA - Keeper from last season

RB- Stevan Ridley NE

WR- Dwayne Bowe KC

WR- Torrey Smith BAL

TE- Jared Cook STL

FLEX- Montee Ball DEN

D/ST- Seahawks SEA

K- Matt Bryant ATL


WR- Roddy White ATL

TE- Jermaine Gresham CIN

WR- Stevie Johnson BUF

RB- Roy Helu WASH

WR- Kenbrell Thompkins NE

QB- EJ Manuel BUF

RB- Michael Bush CHI

I currently have 2 waiver moves likely to be processed:

Drop RB- Roy Helu WASH Add RB- Ronnie Hillman DEN

Drop TE- Jermaine Gresham CIN Add TE- Zach Sudfeld


The second is my cheap money league no keepers on YAHOO. 10 teams, Standard scoring:

QB- Peyton Manning DEN

WR- Andre Johnson HOU

WR- Marques Colston NO, whom I traded for WR- Brandon Marshall CHI

RB- Jamaal Charles KC

RB- Alfred Morris WASH, whom I also traded for RB- Steven Jackson

TE- Tony Gonzalez ATL

FLEX- RB- Daryl Richardson STL

D/ST- Texans HOU

K- Sebastian Janikowski OAK


WR- Steve Smith CAR

QB- Andrew Luck IND

WR- Kenbrell Thompkins NE

WR- Stevie Johnson BUF

TE- Jermaine Gresham CIN

WR- Justin Blackmon JAC

RB- Roy Helu WASH


The recipeint of the 1st pick in the draft and also the commisioner of the league was late and auto drafted his 1st 3 rounds and my old friend either doesnt know what hes doing anymore or is such a Redskins fan he blindly made this trade with me (the trade is finalized and went through)

I offered (RB- Alfred Morris WASH & WR- Marques Colston NO) and I recieved (RB- Steven Jackson ATL & Brandon Marshall CHI)

I believe I made out big time in that trade

I also have a waiver claim Drop K- Sebastian Janikowski and Add- K- David Akers DET


There you have it ladies and gentlemen, I feel confident that both my teams are playoff contenders but also would greatly appreciate any tips, thoughts, and feelings, from my peers. Any advice or comments would be great thank you all in advance and I hope you all have great seasons!

- nikejeepten

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