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Weak at RB depth

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This is my team now. I am in a 12 man league with each team drafting 20 players. 12 keepers each year. Looking to trade a receiver for a RB? Who do you think has most value but won't hurt my WR position too much?

QB - Ben Roethlisberger

QB - Josh Freeman

QB - Nick Foles (pending waiver wire pick up of Christian Ponder)

RB - Steven Ridlay

RB - Ahmad Bradshaw

RB - Isaiah Pead

RB - Jacquizz Rodgers

WR - Pierre Garcon

WR - Demayrius Thomas

WR - Kenny Britt

WR - Kendall Wright

WR - Ryan Broyles

WR - Kenny Stills

WR - Brian Hartline

WR - Markus Wheaton

TE - Jared Cook

TE - Scott Chandler

TE - Julius Thomas

K - Justin Tucker

D - Bears

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You are in a pretty tough position. Being able to keep 12 players must make it pretty hard to dig yourself out of a hole. If I were you, I'd try and trade for guys with high upside but not a ton of current value, in hopes of building your team back up with youth.

If Garcon has a strong early season, I'd look to move him simply because I don't see your team going too far this season. Wheaton, Stills and Broyles have strong upside and will probably have good value in your type of league. You may be able to move them for a 2nd tier/older but quality RB but I don't think it'd be a prudent move.

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Target Le'Veon Bell or Chris Ivory and give up whatever you can to get them short of guys like Thomas, Garcon and Ridley. Your team needs help, a lot of it.

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I know. I took over a team last year and am struggling. I got Julius Thomas (TE) late and am hoping to trade him out. I didn't mean to have 3 TE but at the time in the draft there really wasn't another good option at RB (where I needed the most help). The three receiver positions are FLEX so we can start either a TE or WR in those spots and then we have a TE only spot too. May try trading out Julius Thomas.

I had an offer for Kenny Britt for Darren McFadden. Will probably move on that.

The reason for 3 QB's was to hold on to someone that could develop giving me a good QB option down the road. There are teams in the league that have 6-8 RB on their roster, making it extremely difficult to find a quality RB in the draft this year.

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