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Final moves!? Advice please.

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We only get 6 acquisitions per matchup. The three other managers in the playoffs have blown through theirs so I pretty much have free rein on the waiver wire at the moment. Acquisitions reset tomorrow so I would like to make any moves that I have to before then so I can have my 6 for streaming pitchers if needed. Also I would like to prevent the other finals team from acquiring any talent if possible. Here are a few names on the wire. My drops would probably be Allen Craig, Carlos Ruiz, and maybe Kyle Seager/Desmond Jennings for a positional player that is nicer.

Jonathon Villar

Wilson Ramos

Kole Calhoun

Christian Yelich

Dominic Brown

Kendrys Morales

Denard Span

Danny Valencia

Jacoby Ellsbury

I also need to pick up a pitcher to replace Cingrani. Here are a few names.

Yusmeiro Petit

Dan Strailey

Ubaldo Jimenez

Gerrit Cole

Scott Feldman

Danny Salazar

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Petit against the Mets is a very nice play coming up.

If you are looking for Stolen Bases, get Villar.

If you can be situational, get Yelich and only play him against right handed pitching.

These three people are why I am probably going to the finals.

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If it is re-draft and not dynasty or keeper then skip Ellsbury. He won't be back (if at all) until your fantasy playoffs are over.

Kole Calhoun has been both hot and consistent for over a month. Great OF add. RBI's galore.

Jonathan Villar for steals.

I think Cole is done for the season. If you want to add a pitcher look for the match-ups this week and if one of them starts twice. Strailey on a hot A's team and Ubaldo for K's and Petit cause he is currently hot. Salazar is on a 75-80 pitch count so will not get you a win most likely but he is a K machine if you are more interested in K production. If it's a dynasty he is a most have in that format going forward to next year.

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Thanks for the help guys. I just made 2 moves before Big Bat Theory responded. I ended up dropping Craig and Cingrani for Villar and Jimenez. Does anyone think I should move Carlos Ruiz for Wilson Ramos? Should I try to figure out a way to get Calhoun?

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