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Colston and Ridley for Jordan Cameron?

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I got offered Jordan Cameron for Colston and Ridley. Giovanni Bernard bumped Ridley out as my starting flex player and I've been looking to unload Colston to get a better WR or at least jimmy graham in a package.

I'm 3-0. I have Owen Daniels. Don't need to make a trade but is this an upgrade? Is Cameron the real deal? I'm essentially trading Colston for Cameron since I don't see Ridley turning it around. This could be a no brainer but it's always good to hear others opinions.

Here's my team.


M Stafford

Desean Jackson

Marques Colston

Shady McCoy


Owen Daniels

Gio Bernard at flex


Ty Hilton

Eddie royal

Steven Ridley

Ryan Mathews

Brandon Myers

And cam newton

I stream K and DEF every week.



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Dude your giving up way too much. Your basically giving Ridley away for free. Horrible deal...

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No, absolutely not.

Especially if you have Owens and are 3-0. You are selling low on Ridley and Colston and buying high on Cameron. This is no reason for you to make this deal. If you want to move Ridley, either get a better return now or wait until he scores a TD or two.

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