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Established Money League Looking for Teams

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12 team league run with another commissioner. We are looking to add a couple of new owners this year, ideally shooting for 14 teams.

Our online auction is set of Saturday, October 26th at 8pm EST.

We’re looking for owners that will actively manage their teams, which also includes responding to trade inquires. In fact, responsiveness is extremely important as the league is very active and we want owners who like to trade and talk trash on the forums.

The cost to join the league will be $275 paid in full prior to the start of the season. Money is escrowed threw LeagueSafe.

The format of the draft will be auction, $263 budget, with 8 category rotisserie scoring in the following categories: Field goal %, Free Throw%, Three pointers Made, Rebounds, Blocks, Steals, Points and Assists.

The number of players allowed on each team will be as follows:

2 - Centers

4 - Forwards

4 - Guards

1 Utility

3 bench

No injury reserve.

Each position is subject to an 82 max game limit for a total of 902 games played.

Free trading is allowed with all trades subject to dual commissioner review.

FA pickups are every Wednesday using FAAB of $100.

The prize money for top four teams is (assuming 14 teams):

1st Place: $2,000

2nd Place: $800

3rd Place: $500

4th Place: $350

Second Half Winner: $200

We also have a second half winner to keep the teams at the bottom of the league fighting to the end of the season.

Second half winner is determined by greatest increase in percentage of points. So for example, if you are in last place with 20 points at the mid-point and finish at 25 points, thats a 25% increase. If the team in 13th place goes from 25 to 31, thats a 6 point increase but only a 24% increase. The team that went up 5 points wins 2nd half prize. (To be eligible for 2nd half winner your team needs to have played 425 games by the mid-point. This avoids teams with bad auctions intentionally dumping games played in the first half of the season).

If you are interested in joining please email me at

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