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12 Team Dynasty H-2-H needs 1 replacement for 2014

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13 year established league with active owners12 team head-to-head league

120 game schedule (nightly games)

Contracts / Salaries - unlimited keepers based on your team's salary cap (Complete GM control)

25 man roster / 15 man minor league roster

Ability to trade players / draft picks / salary cap money

Full off-site website devoted to league history

3 round playoffs (5-7-7 game series like MLB)

Minimal fees: $15 every 3rd year - no $$ league, just a championship trophy

Very custom league with a custom rule book (5000+ word, detailed rule book)

If you're an active owner seeking a complex league that is well established, please apply at:

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Can you give me some information about the league rules and the team I would be inheriting?

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