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A couple different trade ideas, teams desperate for wins involved

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This first trade would definitely put me in a bad spot wr-wise, so another owner wants to give me a two for one deal with Green and Lacy for Lynch.

before the trade:

qbs: luck and pryor

wrs: desean jackson, mike wallace, kenbrell thompkins, cecil shorts, woods

rbs: trent richardson, cj spiller, reggie bush, mcgahee

te: jimmy graham, brandon myers


qb: luck

wr: boldin, shorts, thompkins, wallace, green

rb: lacy, spiller, mcgahee, and reggie bush

te: jimmy graham

do you think that trade drastically improves my team?

i really want to try to get welker from this guy, heres his roster 2-3

qb: ryan and cutler

rb: pierre thomas, chris obgonya, leveon bell, bernard pierce

wrs: steve smith, welker, calvin johnson, santana moss

te: vernon davis and bennett

then theres the guy who lost julio needs rb depth, has dez...

qb: kaep, alex smith

wr: dez bryant, blackmon, harvin, ted ginn

rb: mendenhall, ap, ridley, ronnie hillman

is a trade like desean jackson/mcgahee for dez too little to offer? i don't want to look like a jagoff here.

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