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$100 Roto Auction Draft

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I have some openings in leagues. These are re-draft leagues, not keeper leagues. Here are the details:

$100 Roto Auction Draft - 1 or 2 Spots Left. First to pay stays.

I've been running money leagues for 5+ years ranging from $50/entry to $400/entry.

If you're going to join, you will need to pay via LeagueSafe the same day. 100% of currently registered managers have already paid.

There is a 100% pay-out in the $100 Roto leagues.

Leave your e-mail here. Thanks!!!

$100 Roto Auction Draft, Standard Cats, 12 Teams, Payment via LeagueSafe

Login to view settings and more league details including payout structure

Draft is Sat, Oct 26, 10 AM MST. - 1 or 2 Spots Left

The % of pay-outs is similar to last season, but slightly different. These changes will make it easier to collect/transfer/award prize money and encourage full participation until the final buzzer.


Reg Season

1st Place: $600

2nd Place: $380

3rd Place: $160

Raffle: $60

What's this raffle about? There are 10 starting positions in this league 82 games/position giving us 820 total games played. For those managers that complete 810+ games played, I will raffle off the $60. If only 6 managers hit this target, then those managers have a random 1/6 chance to win the $60. This gives teams at the bottom a chance to recoup some of their entry fee. Most importantly, it keeps everyone playing until the end. Only those managers who don't win prize money qualify for the raffle, so the odds can be pretty decent!

If there is a tie, then the prize is divided.

Example 1: If Reg Season 1st and 2nd tie by Winning %, each gets $490

Example 2: If 2nd and 3rd tie by Winning %, each gets $270

Example 3: If 3rd and 4th tie by Winning %, each gets $80

Note: There can be only 1 raffle winner. I'll do this by using a random fantasy draft order generator. I'll list only the teams that hit the target. The person who gets the last draft slot will win the raffle. What I mean is if I list 6 managers, then each gets assigned a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th pick. In this case, the person with the 6th pick gets the raffle prize. Why 6th? Just to be random.

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