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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda - Draft Day Redraft (2013)

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Every time we reach the halfway point in each season, I take a look back at the draft at the beginning of the season and lament the decisions I've made. I put together this fantasy fantasy squad that I could've drafted. Here are the rules....

1- Post your original team and your "re-drafted" team

2- Snake Drafts: You must pick players after your draft position. (ex. You grabbed Doug Martin #2 and LeSean McCoy went 5th and Adrian Peterson went 1st, you can replace Doug Martin with LeSean McCoy but you cannot replace Doug Martin with Adrian Peterson because you couldn't have drafted him)

3- Auction Drafts: Players on your team you want to replace, take the value they sold for and add $1 (if $1 was minimum bid) BUT you must keep 5% of your original budget (to account for people continuing to bid). If you had a $200 original budget, you can only build your team with $190.

4- When you post your new team, in parenthesis, put the auction value or draft position that player would've gone in.

5- Feel free to take a look at your scores and post your new W/L ratio. It will only make you feel worse about your draft!

My Original Team (.5 PPR) $200 Budget:

QB- Andrew Luck ($17), Mike Vick ($1)

RB- Matt Forte ($46), Darren Sproles ($20), Chris Ivory ($9), Ahmad Bradshaw ($14), Danny Woodhead ($5), Mike Tolbert ($3)

WR- Demaryius Thomas ($39), Reggie Wayne ($11), Roddy White ($24), Emmanuel Sanders ($3)

TE- Greg Olsen ($5)

Def- 49ers ($2)

K- Randy Bullock ($1)

My Fantasy Fantasy Team (.5 PPR) $180 spent:

QB- Peyton Manning ($40), Philip Rivers ($1)

RB- Jamaal Charles ($56), Knowshon Moreno ($6), Fred Jackson ($3), Danny Woodhead ($5)

WR- Wes Welker ($18), Jordy Nelson ($14), Eric Decker ($13), Reggie Wayne ($11), James Jones ($6)

TE- Julius Thomas ($1), Antonio Gates ($3)

Def- Chiefs ($1)

K- Matt Prater ($2)

Pretty much any lineup with the above team would result in a current record of 7-0 with an average of around 150+ points scored each week.

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I think this topic should be relocated to the Cool Stories subforums

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Have to consider which players you were actually thinking about instead of going through your draft history, cherry-picking all the breakouts. In that sense, my only hypothetical would be taking Victor Cruz instead of DeMarco Murray in round 4. Considered both as my top options, but opted for the RB at my flex.

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My team is pretty much sunk at 3-4 with little chance of making the playoffs. I drafted in a terrible spot: #2 overall in a 12-team snake draft.

Round 1, pick #2: I took Doug Martin. I was choosing between Martin and Spiller. I was scared of Charles because of his injury history (drafted him a couple years ago when he got hurt) and I didn't like McCoy's team situation. Obviously Charles would have been the right pick there.

Round 2, pick #23: I was debating between David Wilson and Julio Jones and decided to grab Wilson. Julio went the next pick. Of course Julio wouldn't have ultimately been good due to injury, but at least he would have given me some good games.

Round 3, pick #26: With two RBs that I thought were solid and all of the Calvin/Dez/Green/Demaryius/Marshall/Julio group gone, I decided I'd better take a WR and took Larry Fitzgerald. I was also thinking about Gore or Reggie Bush in that spot, obviously they would have both been better for me.

Round 4, pick #47: I wanted to take Gronk but he went two spots before me, then I wanted to take Lamar Miller but he went the spot before me. I took Jordy Nelson who turned out to be a better pick than both. I was debating hard between Nelson and Giovani Bernard, who went on the turn before my next pick.

Round 5, pick #50: With Bernard gone, I panicked and took Antonio Brown, who turned out to be a fine pick. I was debating between Brown and DeSean Jackson, who also would have been good.

Round 6, pick #71: I thought I had a steal with Daryl Richardson at the end of the 6th round. He was a total bust like all my other RBs. Not really sure who else I would have taken there though, there wasn't a lot of good value at this point. I probably would have taken Steve Smith if not Richardson, who would have been disappointing.

Round 7, pick #74: Here I got a good value pick with Vernon Davis. Happy with this pick.

Round 8, pick #95: I took RGIII (one of the last good QBs available) and I'm also happy with this pick, although I could have taken Le'veon Bell who went a pick later.

Round 9, pick #98: I took Josh Gordon and I'm happy with that pick. I was debating between Gordon or Russell Wilson, who would have been a solid combination with RGIII but I don't like using two roster spots on QB.

There were no interesting decisions or values the rest of the draft.

Basically I made pretty good picks rounds 4-9, but my first two round picks were major busts. Hard to recover from that. If I had picked Charles in the first round and perhaps Reggie Bush or Frank Gore in the second, my team would be very strong.

Cool story bro!

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Round 1 3rd pick- I took Marshawn Lynch. Probably wouldn't change this although some would argue Charles would have been a better pick I happen to enjoy watching Beast Mode play so it was worth it.

Round 2 22nd pick- Trent Richardson "fell" to me at the bottom of the 2nd round. Although this seems like a terrible pick, I was able to trade him for Vernon Davis (against the sage advice of the rotoworld forums) a few weeks ago before his value tanked so it wasn't a complete waste of a pick. If I had to do it again I would probably take Graham.

Round 3- Demaryius Thomas- At this point I needed a WR and Calvin, Dez, Julio and AJ were all off the board so I took DT. Pretty happy with him so far can't really complain about this one.

Round 4- Demarco Murray- Drafted him pretty much expecting him to play well and then get hurt at some point in the season and that's exactly what happened so I can't really complain here.

Round 5- Colin Kaepernick- Thought this was a complete steal at the time. Was planning on getting Romo here but my buddy snatched him up in the 4th to my surprise. Obviously knowing what I know now I would probably get Phillip Rivers or somebody else here instead.

Round 6- Think I got Pierre Garcon or Torrey Smith here. This was about the best I could have done at the time so meh.

Can't really remember the rest but I'm pretty happy about my draft overall.

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All b.s. aside, I drafted Spiller first round and MJD 3rd round. My only other RBs are Sproles and Gio. Ironic thing was that last year I went WR heavy and ended up with BJGE, Fred Jackson, and Bradhsaw. We all know how that went last year. This year, I promised I'd go heavy on RB. But as Irony would have it, MJD is fat and can't do s---, Spiller is a mess in Buffalo, and Sproles hasn't done a goddam thing (outside the Miami game). Safe to say, I'm f*cked again this year. </coolstorybro>

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7th round pick in a 10 man league -- grabbed Martin and Megatron because three people grabbed QB's round 1, followed by Ridley, SJax, Wayne, Russell Wilson, Lamar Miller, Ed Dickson, Jordy Nelson, Browns defense (as a joke), Vick, Britt, Roethlisberger (as a joke), kicker, and pettigrew.

First draft ever, no idea what I was doing. I hadn't done any research or paid attention to football at all before then. I pretty much based my draft on projected points and tried to go heavy RB in the beginning because my buddy told me that was a good strat. First two picks were autodraft because I had trouble getting into the lobby. I would do some things differently -- like obviously grabbing Charles instead of Martin, continuing with Megatron, grabbing a few other decent RB's like Bush and Moreno. I'd also definitely grab Nelson again along with Vick. I'd spend my last two picks on Chiefs D and Hartley.

I actually kind of did this in another random league. It started 3 weeks in and everybody else was on autodraft. I snagged McCoy, Knowshon, Reggie Bush, Jordy Nelson, AJ Green, DJax, Orange Julius, Vick, Stafford, and a few others who were big at the time. In retrospect I'd get Charles instead of McCoy, but I thought I played the autodraft system pretty well in timing my picks right before they selected them.

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I took Montee Ball and Bernard earlier than I should have. Definitely would have drafted RG3 earlier knowing what I know now. Overall I'm not disappointed with my draft. Managed to pick up Jordan Cameron 2 rounds before the last, no one knew of him so that was a steal. Would have snatched up Josh Gordon and Blackmon and stashed them early if I knew they'd come out swinging like they did.

For the most part though, I'm not upset. Trades and waiver acquistions have put me in position to win.

Originally Drafted Team

Megatron (K)

Dez Bryant (K)

A.J. Green (K)

Jamaal Charles (K)

Montee Ball

Giovani Bernard

Eddie Lacy

DeMarco Murray

Tony Romo

Lance Moore

Alshon Jeffery

Carson Palmer

Jordan Cameron

Dallas Clark

Miami D/ST

Red = players still on my team, the one in my sig.

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0.5 PPR , 2 QB , 8-teamer

1-4 : I took Brees fearing the an early QB run. I was wrong, and shoud probably have go RB-WR in the first 2 rounds. But brees is solid. I would take Charles in a redraft, but Charles wouldn't have lasted until the 4th pick in the redraft. I pondered Brees vs McCoy, and that could have been a awful decision but...

2-13: luckily picked McCoy in 2nd, great pick for me actually.

3-20: the 4 big WR jsut gone, i took another RB with Jones-Drew. Turned out very bad, Peyton Manning was still there but i didn't plan to draft him. Jimmy Graham was availlable too, and it's too bad I missed him.

4-29 : Still no WR and the QB storm was coming, but i couldn't help but pick a third RB since i valued Reggie Bush a lot. Great decision, of course.

5-36 : the QB run is there, and since targeted RG3 is gone, i picked Russel Wilson. i could have done better, with Stafford who went off the board 12 spots later, or Romo I guess

6-45: Time to choose a WR1, but it's already too late, and i sadly ended up with Colston, whom i dropped last week Torrey Smith would have been a better choice.

7-52: if i were going to have mediocre WR's, i toughth i'd better bet on a upside player and took Amendola. Never again. Wes Welker would have been the right choice of this round.

8-61: Pierre Garçon, was happy to take him there, and he produced as excpeted. good choice. even if DeSean Jackson or Jordy Nelson would have been better, of course

9-68: couldn't resist J.Witten here, my initial plan was to take Cameron in one of the latest round, but in PPR, having Witten so late sounded like a steal. Poor me, awful decision. Missed E.Lacy in this round, but ended with him anyway, because he was dropped too soon by his owner, following his injury.

10-77: stole Gio Bernard here, great decision.

11-84: Even more ridiculous steal with S.Veeren who turned out to be a right choice but a bad luck, since he showed great promises before his injuries. there weren't better players around anyway.

12-90: Miles Austin, another bad WR decision, Boldin or J.Jones were better options. Until this round, Garçon was the only decent WR i got. but then.

13-100: Josh Gordon, saved my WR situation, until now at least.

14-109: Lost bet with Sanders

15-116: back up Bradford, never started.

16-125: Bears. good enough

17-132: Tucker, who cares ?

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with the 4th pick in a 14 team PPR league, I bypassed Charles and drafted T-Rich... going into training camp, I was targeting JC and was hoping to land an early draft position... I let JC's preseason foot injury and that Norval hype with T-Rich affect my decision...

I have since traded T-Rich and Fitz for Gronk and Gio back in week 4-5...

to think I wouldve had JC and Bush as my RB1-2...

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Biggest changes I'd make on two teams:

Team 1- Had tenth pick in a ten teamer, Charles AND Spiller fell to me. Wish I took McCoy instead of Spiller (I am a Bills fan though). Next wrap around I took D. Thomas and Roddy White. Wish I took Vincent Jackson instead of Roddy.

Team 2- 4th pick, took Doug Martin. Not a bad pick, but should have taken Charles. On the way back, took Ridley over Forte. Also would have taken Gordon/Blackmon in late rounds instead of stockpiling useless Rb's (Franklin, Leshoure, Reece).

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For a while I was thinking, "Why the F did I pick David Wilson, in round two, I should have picked Julio Jones" (now that I've realized its s QB/WR league)

look how that turned out on both fronts, lol

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I'm in a 12-team PPR and while I think back about my draft being a disaster, I realize it's more about my keeper choices than my picks.

#1 - Megatron - first keeper and obvious choice since he was best player on my team from last year

#2 - Ridley - hasn't been great this year

#3 - DWilson - yeah what can I say here....most of the good RBs were already being kept by other teams so I took a chance here

Other keeper choices were Blackmon, JNelson, FJackson, MRyan, and RWilson -- in hindsight, any of these guys would have better choices I think, but I wasn't going to keep a QB going in and didn't like that Blackmon was suspended. Nelson injury also worried me, and I didn't want 3 WRs as keepers. Then there's the Spiller situation, and who could have predicted FJax would be more productive...? Anyway...

#4 & #5 - Lacy & LMiller - as stated, RBs were thin going into draft, so I went RB with my first 2 picks -- Miller has been a huge bust but I still like the Lacy pick. In the surrounding picks by other teams, Welker is probably the only other guy I would have taken in place of Miller.

#6 - RGIII - He was best QB available, and really the only guy left worth anything, so I pounced. I stand by the pick.

#7 & #8 - Shorts and MiFloyd - Gio Bernard and Sproles were still available, but I went with Shorts and flipped him for Garcon. Floyd was a bad pick...

#9 & #10 - Went with Browns teammates Gordon and Cameron here. Looked good for a few weeks with Hoyer in there, but not sure now with QB situation a mess.

Rest of draft was average, but what's saved my season are the good FA and waiver pickups:

Julius Thomas and Edelman after Week 1

Harvin stashed not long after

Then rookies Stacy and KAllen

This week picked up MJames and Boykin

Lineup now looks like:


WR Megatron

WR Garcon

WR Gordon

RB Lacy

RB Ridley

TE JThomas

BN Cameron

BN Stacy

BN LMiller

BN Boykin

BN KAllen

BN MJames

BN Harvin

BN DWilson (debating cutting bait but no one of any significance on FA)

Overall, I'm 5-2 and still have a decent chance of winning this league, despite the keeper and draft mistakes. Cool story bro!

In my auction league, I just lost Julio, Martin, Murray (3 of 4 keepers, AD is other and he's been underwhelming), and Cutler to injuries. I have Ivory, Stacy, and MJames to try to fill void, but WR is a mess with Julio gone. Hilton is my best WR, with MWilliams and Tavon being disappointments. My only other depth is coming from Boykin, Durham, and Marvin Jones..weak. If I could redo, I wouldn't have spent so much/or even drafted Hilton, Tavon, or MWilliams. Best players now are Romo, AD, and Lacy. Still, I'm 6-1 and in 1st place, but stand to fall after losing so many playmakers to injuries...

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OP requires way too much work, so we'll just say i could have drafted dez bryant or peyton manning in the 2nd instead of ridley

so yeah...

RB-RB-RB never again, BPA from here on out

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Im just gonna post the lowlights of the fantasy team I drafted.

CJ Spiller

S Jackson

Frank Gore(later traded for Julio)


S Vereen

Malcolm Floyd

Jermichael Finley

Ive since renamed my Fantasy team the Infirmary.

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Team 1 in sig: Skipped on originaly drafting Chris Johnson in the 4th round and drafted Darren Sproles (I traded for him later). Drafted Vincent Jackson instead of Victor Cruz in the 3rd round, not a huge regret but I like Vincent Jackson for ROS. Besides that I like my team, I waited for a QB and that ended up losing me 2 games (Eli Manning) but the switch to Philip Rivers turned things around for me. David Wilson was a bust but this was an early draft and I got him late (end of 7th round) so he did not burn me.

Team 2 in sig: Drafted Matt Forte instead of Trent Richardson in the 2nd round. Avoided drafting Roddy White. Did not reach for Chris Ivory in the 7th round. I was not happy with this team after I drafted it and I have been struggling, barely 3-4 but still have a chance to squeak into the playoffs if I continue to win.

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Couldve traded away Spiller in a keeper league for Calvin Johnson. Instead I traded Marshawn Lynch for Calvin Johnson.

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Couldve traded away Spiller in a keeper league for Calvin Johnson. Instead I traded Marshawn Lynch for Calvin Johnson.

Ouch, was this before the season started?

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The only pick that I really regret and honestly was mulling over was taking Peyton Manning. I veered from thego RB-RB-RB in the first three rounds method and went QB in Round 2. I took Brees, but really considered Manning.

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16-Team PPR.

Round 1, Pick #3 - Was between Spiller and Charles but JC got hurt the day b4 my draft. I also considered McCoy and should of went with my heart despite it looking like a reach to get him 3rd. I went with Spiller because I felt like he was going to reach an "elite" level but all of a sudden Fred Jackson entered back into the picture and Spiller got hurt/wasn't used correctly.

- My Pick: C.J Spiller, RB

- Redraft Pick: Jamaal Charles, RB or LeSean McCoy, RB

Round 2, Pick #30 - I was gonna take either Sproles or Reggie. I preferred Reggie and Sproles was taken ahead of me so he fell to me perfectly. Just knew he would be a beast in the passing game.

- My Pick: Reggie Bush, RB

- Redraft Pick: Reggie Bush, RB

Round 3, Pick #35 - Was pondering between Welker and Cruz in this spot. Cruz is my favorite player and can be more explosive, while Welker is consistent but I was unsure if he would lose out being 1 of many options in Denver. After much thought, I decided Welker because of how Peyton made guys like Austin Collie relevant, and since Welker is way more talented, it would be a awesome choice.

- My Pick: Wes Welker, WR

- Redraft Pick: Wes Welker, WR

Round 4, Pick #62 - We had a run at QB and I wanted Matt Stafford. Unfortunately he was taken at #57, so left was Wilson, Luck, Eli, Romo, Vick, and Big Ben...yes some idiot took Flacco over everyone I just mentioned...even Stafford (He's 5-2, smh). I loved Wilson until Harvin went down and then I wasn't so sure. Plus Seattle has their D which limits Wilson because after a certain point all Seattle needs to do is pound the rock with Marshawn, and Luck and the Colts were a throwing team.

- My Pick: Russell Wilson, QB

- Redraft Pick: Andrew Luck, QB

Round 5, Pick #67 - Okay, here is where I am a dumb***. I wanted another WR and someone who was ranked at #44 was still on the board. I said at my live draft: "This goes against everything I stand for but I'm going to take....MIKE WALLACE." Ugh such a bad pick, my only real mistake of the night. Some WR's still on the board were Antonio Brown, Steve Smith, Cecil Shorts, Torrey Smith, and Pierre Garcon. Once again I should of went with my heart and not chased because of ADP "Value."

- My Pick: Mike Wallace, WR

- Redraft Pick: Torrey Smith, WR

Round 6, Pick #94 - Just had a huge run of TE's and since I have really struggled in the past with TE's, I wanted to make sure I would have a solid guy. I liked Greg Olsen since he was basically the 2nd option in the Carolina passing attack, and the Panthers looked really good at the end of last year. I was hoping to couple him with someone else that you will hear about in a second.

- My Pick: Greg Olsen, TE

- Redraft Pick: Greg Olsen, TE

Round 7, Pick #99 - Now I normally don't do this but I didn't like anyone in the area and thought I would be able to snag my next player with my #126. I took the 49ers D/ST because I figured I'd get an elite defense instead of a guy I wasn't sure with. I really didn't like anyone other than DeAndre Hopkins in that area but he suffered a concussion right before the draft so I passed on him. Now what I was hoping was to get my sleeper with pick #126: Jordan Cameron...he went Pick #125!!!!!!! Obviously if I knew that would happen, I would of over-drafted him because I knew this sleeper was legit.

- My Pick: 49ers D/ST

- Redraft Pick: Jordan Cameron, TE

Round 8, Pick #126 - Ugh. Well this was one spot after Cameron was stolen from me and their was a certain guy I wanted to grab but still thought it was early. You know surely, it can't happen again to me, I'll take Danny Woodhead at #131...He went #130!!! Here I ended up going with Michael Floyd, because I figured Carson Palmer would of turned this guy into a legit WR2. Boy if only I knew the future. Woodhead and Cameron, my 2 sleeper picks, both stolen 1 pick before mine. I just knew Woody would click with Rivers and be used like White-Sproles. With Ryan Mathews being injury-prone, I figured it was an awesome pick. We used the standard rankings and his spot was #172, so I figured I would get him with my next pick.

- My Pick: Michael Floyd, WR

- Redraft Pick: Danny Woodhead, RB

Round 9, Pick #131 - So that's 2 guys that I missed out on by an excruciating single spot each. I really liked Christine Michael and figured he would win the #2 spot from Turbin and could be in line to get a shot if Marshawn got banged up. It's something I don't regret but someone was still on the board that was suspended that I should of grabbed instead...

- My Pick: Christine Michael, RB

- Redraft Pick: Josh Gordon, WR

Round 10, Pick #158 - I don't regret this one bit. Somehow Ben Tate was lost in this draft, even though he was the arguably the #1 handcuff and was ranked around #100. I thought I had gotten the steal of the draft, especially since Foster was hurt as bad as he was.

- My Pick: Ben Tate, RB

- Redraft Pick: Ben Tate, RB

Round 11, Pick #163 - This sleeper I got wrong. At first it looked like he would be a steal but reports came out before the draft that he kind of fell out of favor as being Brady's new toy rookie. So say instead I go with my backup QB in this round, it would of been this guy anyway, who has been solid as a fantasy QB.

- My Pick: Aaron Dobson, WR

- Redraft Pick: Alex Smith, QB

Round 12, Pick #190 - This is where I got my backup QB, and boy thank god I've found a way to move on from this, or else I could be in even more trouble. This is where I could of gotten another sleeper RB in Zac Stacy, but since I already have 4 backs and plan on getting one soon so I'll go with stash central and take a guy that will be coming back this week.

- My Pick: Brandon Weeden, QB

- Redraft Pick: Percy Harvin, WR

Round 13, Pick #195 - Okay this is where I could now get my defense that I waited on. At this point, the Falcons were the best D on the board, with the Giants and the Jets going in the same round. Well here is where I would of taken a certain defense that of course is now #1 in scoring. I knew the Chiefs were going to be better, they already had playmakers on defense, and wouldn't get screwed because of turnovers (Alex Smith). Now I wouldn't of been able to predict 7-0, but look at the's easy. There is no doubt I would of grabbed them here, I wouldn't of gone with any other team.

- My Pick: Brandon LaFell, WR

- Redraft Pick: Chiefs D/ST

Round 14, Pick #222 - Here is where I could of won my league in the real-draft. I ended up taken my handcuff to Reggie Bush in Joique Bell, but there was someone else I did look at who had a decent finish to the '12 season. The guy who was left for dead as the new rookie was coming in. The rookie that I knew would be a bust in the 40's. This guy knew how to keep Peyton up and although I figured he would be involved, I couldn't forsee him being the clear-cut starter while his younger competition continues to literally fumble their chances away. You know cause Denver has no run game...Ugh.

- My Pick: Joique Bell, RB

- Redraft Pick: Knowshon Moreno, RB

Round 15, Pick #227 - My kicker. I went with Kai Forbath, who ends up getting injured, instead of going with the smart choice...the guy I almost took before blasting him for his horrendous '12 season. The guy on one of the better offenses, who now lost some firepower leading to stall-outs in field goal range.

- My Pick: Kai Forbath, K

- Redraft Pick: Mason Crosby, K

2013 Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Redraft Team

QB: Luck, A. Smith

RB: Charles, R. Bush, Moreno, Woodhead, B. Tate

WR: Welker, Torrey, J. Gordon, Harvin

TE: Cameron, Olsen, Julius

D/ST: Chiefs

K: Crosby

IR: Harvin

^ Man that would of been nuts. Especially if I took the shot with Julius Thomas.

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Had my finger on McCoy at #4, every instinct told me to take him... but took Martin b/c I thought he was 'safer'.

Sure Charles would have maybe been the best pick but was not really considering him, so won't go there.

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