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Starting: 250 h2h 9cat Yahoo Fantasy Basketball league drafting tonight: 10/28/13 Using Leaguesafe

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SInce I can't find a high money league and it looks like a lot of others can't as well, I just decided to try and throw one together. I have a few guys that I play Fantasy Football with that are interested. I may be willing to push back the draft date if we are close to 10 or 12 and need another week to find a player or two.

Draft is tentatively scheduled for tonight at 10pm EST.

I'm willing to modify settings so that everyone is comfortable if I missed something. This may be ambitious but lets give it a shot.

You can pay on leaguesafe and request a refund tonight if this doesn't go:

Entry fee payments for leagues may not be made after 10/28/2013. To set an earlier payment deadline, activate this feature and set a new date. This date is also the refund deadline for your league members. Refunds requested prior to the Payment Deadline will be honored, no questions asked. After this date, any refund requests must be approved by the league commissioner. Our refund policy is designed to prevent league members who may have a bad draft or an underperforming team from withdrawing their entry fees from the league.

Modifying this setting will automatically distribute an email notification to all league owners.D


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