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Looks like my rival will get the win this year so im trying to look towards next year. I get 10 keepers for next year and i have 2 first round picks and 2nd round picks for next year. im going all in for next year and need help for my keepers.

12 team H2H 2 QB

These are just players worthy of keeping:

Qb- Russel Wilson, Andy Dalton

Wr- Aj Green, Julio Jones, Randall Cobb, Josh Gordon, Brandon Marshall, Percy Harvin, Justin Blackmon, Keenan Allen

Rb- Lesean McCoy, Doug Martin, David Wilson, Ray Rice, Eddie Lacy

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1. Lacy

2. Green

3. Julio

4. Cobb

5. Gordon

6. Marshall

7. Harvin

8. Allen

9. McCoy

10. Martin

You can use one of your 1st rounders for a RB1, the other for a QB and then fill in the gaps from there. I noticed there's no tight ends on here...

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