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do I accept? NEED HELP Quick! offer might get taken down!

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Just traded Russell Wilson and Andre Ellington for PEYTON MANNING!!

12-team, .5pt PPR

QB: P Manning

RB: A Morris, E Lacy, L Bell, A Brown

WR: C Johnson, J Nelson, J Gordon, T Hilton, D Amendola

TE: J Cameron, J Reed

someone offered me this yesterday:







AJ Green

do I accept?

would make my team:

qb: P Manning

rb: M Lynch, A Morris

wr: C Johnson, AJ Green

te: J Cameron

flex: J Nelson

bench: Amendola, R White, A Brown, J Reed

think the offer may be taken down when the kid sees I got Peyton. so I'm on a time crunch

I'm losing so much depth. I consider Lacy and Lynch about even but Green a big upgrade...

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You consider Lacy and Lynch even? Wtf?

he gets so many touches/looks so good/will be relied on more with Rodgers out?

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If you want to be able to look at your line up and admire the big names in it, sure go ahead.

But I think what you're giving up is too much - AJ Green is great but he's not putting up HUGE numbers this year....and Lynch is good but not blowing it up either in comparison to what you're giving up.

Personally I'd stick with what you have. Hilton is going to proably finish very strong with Reggie Wayne out. Lacy's going to get many carries. LeVeon Bell is as close to a feature back as you get in the modern day NFL....and Josh Gordon is solid.

I wouldn't do it.

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