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Zac Stacy for Receiver help. whir

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I drafted Julio and Randall Cobb. I've been surviving since and I have a surplus of running backs. I'm considering trying to make a deal. I have Peterson, Reggie Bush, Eddie Lacy and Zac Stacy so I feel like I need to deal one for receiver help. I've been riding Riley Cooper and Harry Douglas the last few weeks. What should I be asking in return for Stacy or should I hold tight? I've considered trying to trade Stacy for Garçon or jordy. Here is my lineup

QB: Kaepernick an Rodgers

RB: Peterson

RB: Lacy

FL: Reggie Bush

TE: Tim Wright

WR: Riley Cooper

WR: Harry Douglas


Zac Stacy


Aaron Dobson

Tavon Austin

Cecil shorts

Dennis pitta

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