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30 Team FREE dynasty Roto league needs 2 replacement owners

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Deep as can be dynasty league with 30 teams has openings for a few replacement owners for its 11th year. League runs year round and has some very dedicated owners, always ready to talk trade. Please only apply if you are 18+ and have the time and passion to compete in a league this deep. The details:

30 Teams

Standard 5 X 5 Roto Scoring

League is run on Proboards

Scored on CBS (Free of Charge)

Salary cap

Yearly Free Agent Auction

Arbitration system for young players ( similar to MLB)

ALL prospects owned (from the day they are drafted)

League rules are here:

Apply for a team here:

We do require a link to a social media site ( Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.. Etc.) in the application; this is to ensure that we have 30 individual owners rather than someone trying to own multiple teams. If this is not possible you can PM our Admin your phone #, or post a picture of yourself doing something specifically requested.

Any questions feel free to email:

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I am a long time roto player, but have not played dynasty. I am very serious. Pay attention daily. Play to win. Play to end of yearly leagues. I do well. Have not finished lower than 4th in yearly leagues in years. I am looking for new challenge.

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I have submitted my application and reviewed most of the rules

Questions: I assume scoring is based on 30 points for first place in any category and 1 for the worst.

Is this true?

A team has a 40 man roster but can only have a limited active roster that accumulates points with required positions and pitchers divided between starters and relievers. Can one change one's active roster on a daily basis?

How is position eligibility determined?

I have not yet found on the site last years standings, original rosters and changes made during the year. Is this available?

I am very intrigued by your league. I am sure I would have to do a lot of prep time to understand your rules and to prepare a strategy, but what else is the "VOID" for. I am an old time Roto player with pre-internet access to info which required trips to the library to read out of town newspapers and the development of my own computerized system of player evaluation. When can I expect a response to my application? I would love to get on with preparation. Mike Sheehan

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I have not seen an application posted in the signup thread, how did you do it?

Anyway, to answer your questions:

1. Yes, you are correct on the scoring

2. Teams are not limited to 40, there is no limit other than what you can fit under the salary cap. But yes, you can change your lineup daily.

3. Position eligibility is determined by 5 games played at a position either in-season or the previous season (we require specifically a LF, CF and RF so we keep the number low)

4. Most of the info you are asking about is on the CBS site where our league is scored (it requires a password that is given out after being accepted into the league). Some individual owners keep detailed transaction logs for their teams, but it is not required as long as the roster is updated.

If you have any other questions it is probably better to contact me by email at

Again, I have not seen an application posted recently so I am worried you didn't get it in to us in the way we require If I can help at all just let me know. Thanks.

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