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Come, Compete, Conquer

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Fantasy Baseball Fans: Lets play 3 Questions.

1. Are Mock Auctions tasty, but ultimately not very filling,

because your competitors don’t have to ride the team they

bought for even a single day?

2. Is Auction Day your favorite day of the year?

3. How busy are you during the baseball season? Once a week

can you spare a maximum of 17 minutes and 59 seconds on a

Sunday night to make all your waiver and free agent pickups

for the following week?


1. We have an early and real Auction Day each and every

season-- the first Sunday afternoon after pitchers and

catchers report to Spring Training, the 16th of February in


2. We have twenty-three, yes you read that right 23,

in-season, in real time, in total transparency, free agency

pick ups and waiver claim AUCTIONS for those acquisitions that require a blitz of nominations and bids during each round.

3. Those in-season player acquisition AUCTIONS last a maximum of 17 minutes and 59 seconds each in-season Sunday night,

beginning at 9:00 P.M. EST. So just how good are you at

Auctions? Okay, walk your talk.

Come, compete, conquer in our League; we need a single

replacement owner.

Request details from

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