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2014 Team Trends

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Looking to hear some predictions for 2014 player/team trends. For example, 2013 showed us the Chip Kelly system. Andy Reid thrived in KC.

My own predictions:

1. Chip's eagles will do very well early on, Shady gets worked to the bone and will get injured by week 6. I just feel like he's due. Bryce Brown steps in and performs well.

2. Knile Davis gets more and more carries, similar to Bernard Pierce in 2012. Jamaal Charles is still a beast regardless.

3. San Francisco, with the loss of Gore, starts the season in an RBBC situation, with Lattimore taking the spotlight in the media (rotoworld forums). Look to the preseason as an early indicator of what is to come, because we could have another Knowshon Moreno on our hands here in Kendall Hunter or Lamichael James.

4. Trent Richardson bounces back to be top 15 RB. He ended the year more decently than anyone on this forum will give him credit for. He's athletically gifted and can catch. People here treat him like he suddenly forgot how to play football due to that one picture of him missing a giant hole. He might have had a bad year, but any team that spends a first round on a running back will do everything they can to develop said running back.

5. Cleveland's future will be surrounded by question marks until the draft, when we see their chosen direction. I could actually see them taking Clowney with their fourth round pick if he falls to them. People talk of their desperate need at QB, but Hoyer was solid and fans like him. There will be QBs every year, but guys like Clowney are special. For some reason, I just see them taking Clowney, then a WR in the first. Suddenly they've got a prolific defense, and an offense that can actually score. s---, I hate Cleveland, but they've got the tools. Throw little into the slot (better suited to his size), Cameron in the endzone, Gordon stretching the field and then a guy like Mike Evans keeping everyone honest. Damn....

6. Seattle's offense gets better and better. Wilson has been incredible this year, and without any receivers. He was missing Harvin, Tate, and Rice, and had a banged up O-line, yet has been able to go toe to toe with the greats, and was excellent value for his ADP. He's gonna be top of my list next year.

7. With a slew of WRs back in the fold, Colin Kaepernick reemerges. Kaepernick may have had a down year, but I think that only decreases his ADP and makes him more valuable next year.

Would love to hear any of your thoughts. I know this thread mimics a lot of other "2014...." threads, but I'm hoping the conversation focuses more on teams trends, helping us making player decisions down the line.

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My predictions:

1.) Kansas City gets Kelce back and more recieving weapons through the draft to become more pass-oriented. Jamaal Charles still beasts his way to be an RB1 but has a season similar to APs this year.

2.) Despite horrible Munchak likely being back, Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter emerge as one of the top recieving duos.

3.) Percy Harvin finally gets healthy, finishes ahead of Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall.

4.) Giovanni Bernard finds himself in the playoffs , leads the Bengals to a playoff victory and carries that success into next year.

5.) RG3 never looks the same but still manages to put up top-15 numbers. He almost did it this year and it can't get worse, can it?

6.) Sammy Watkins has a top-15 rookie season, I am a big believer. Teddy Bridgewater, top-15 as well.

7.) Peyton Manning has no Decker, Caldwell. Welker declines ( age + concussions ) . DT becomes the best reciever in fantasy.

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Draft O-Lineman in 1st and 2nd round and sign the best FA O-Lineman on the market. Install the hurry up offense as THE offense, Flacco is horrible under center and thrives in the shotgun and hurry up. Common Sense solutions but will they do it?

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1. Montee Ball finishes as a top-10 RB

2. Le'Veon Bell finishes with more points than Peterson or Lynch

3. Victor Cruz does what Desean Jackson did this year

4. McCown becomes a top-10 QB, while Cutler is barely a top-15 QB with a new team

5. Terrance Williams becomes the new Alshon Jeffrey

6. Fred Jackson continues to produce (meaning Spiller will once again disappoint)

7. Whoever Indy decides to keep as 2nd RB (D. Brown or V. Ballard) will outperform T-Rich

8. Josh Gordon outscores Megatron again next year

9. Kansas City's defense gets lit up

10. Ray Rice will (once again) be one of the biggest busts of the year, b/c he is washed up, yet the hype train will get him drafted in the mid-2nd round

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Shouldn't this thread just be renamed to "incredibly and absurdly early 2014 bold predictions"?

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