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Yahoo Keeper League Teams Available (Rosters Included)

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Got a few keeper league teams available, if you have any interest in a team or need more information about a team send me a PM or reply in here..Ill have invites sent out ASAP. Please let me know which team you also want

League 1 - 6 Keepers Allowed (No Rookie Draft, But close to establishing a sysytem)

Team A (The Stig)

PG - R. Jackson

PG - J. Jack

SG - J. Butler

SG - L. Stephensen

SF - G. Hayward

SF - I. Shumpert

PF - S. Lbaka

PF - L. Sanders

C - E. Kanter

C - D. Jordan

UT - A. Drummond, B. Beal

BN - O. Asik, T Evans, C. Billups

Team B (Rimrockers)

PG - K. Irving

PG - D. Lillard

SG - K. Thompson

SG - R. Stuckey

SF - T. Young

SF - M. Ginobili

PF - T. Duncan

PF - A. Johnson

C - M. Gortat

C - N. Hilario

UT - G. Hill, R. Foye

BN - L. Williams, K. Bryant, O. Porter JR

Team C (Rebuilding a champion)

PG - T. Wroten

PG - O. Mayo

SG - M. Ellis

SG - M. Thornton

SF - P. George

SF - C. Butler

PF - T. Harris

PF - K. Middleton

C - K. Garnett

C - C. Boozer

UT - D. Waiters, Mo Williams

BN - J. McGee, N. Noel

League 2 - 6 Keepers (No Rookie Draft)

Team D (Braedens Team)

PG - K. Irving

PG - D. Williams

SG - E. Gordon

SG - R. Allen

SF - E. llyasova

SF - C. Parsons

PF - N. Vucevic

PF - P. Millsap

C - N. Hilario

C - T. Thompson

UT - K. Lowry, J. Nelson

BN - R. Felton, J. Dudley, L. Stephenson, E. Brand, K. Koufos, L. Ridnour

Team E (Tanners Team)

PG - J. Teague

PG - J. Lin

SG - P. George

SG - M. Ginobli

SF - G. Wallace

SF - S. Marion

PF - P. Gasol

PF - J. Noah

C - M. Gasol

C - A. Bynum

UT - M. Gortat, M. Thornton

BN - E. Okafor, M. Chalmers, C. Dellfino, J. Terry, D. Wright, P. Patterson

League 3 - 6 Keepers (No Rookie Draft)

Team F - (Balakav)

PG - M. Ellis

PG - J. Crawford

SG - J. Smith

SG - J. Jack

SF - C. Anthony

SF - A. Kirlenko

PF - D. lee

PF - T. Thompson

C - M. Gasol

C - G. Monroe

UT - L. Scola, I. Thomas, S. Battier

BN - C. Brewer, C. Landry, A. Blatche, M. Speights, J. Crawford, M. Belinelli, G. Neal

Team G - (Canadian Baller)

PG - K. Irving

PG - S. Livingston

SG - M. Thornton

SG - T. Ariza

SF - E. llysaova

SF - A. Morrow

PF - N. Vucevic

PF - T. Duncan

C - E. Brand

C - A. Jefferson

UT - M. Dunleavey, G. Dragic, S. Dalembert

BN - R. Lopez, G. Hill, N. Pekovac, J. Nelson, N. Hilario, J. Meeks, J. Evans

Team H - (Ghosts Team)

PG - D. Wade

PG - E. Bledsoe

SG - L. Stephenson

SG - P. George

SF - K. Thompson

SF - H. Barnes

PF - J. Hill

PF - C. Kaman

C - R. Hibbert

C - J. Valanciunas

UT - N. Cole, G. Wallace, W. Johnson

BN - K. Farried, J. Crowder, D. Waiters, B. Diaw, T. Harris, B. Beal, D. Harris

League 4

6 Keepers plus a rookie draft with 4 rookies per team

Team I (Broncos18)

PG - D. Wade - J. Wall

SG - W. Matthews - T. Evans

SF - E. llysova -T. Harris

PF - B. Griffin

PF - C. Zeller

C - A. Bogut

C - S. Dalembert

UT - T. Lawson, J. Holiday

BN - W. Chandler, N. Noel, L. Scola, D. Wright, B. Rush, C. Watson, S. Novak, E. Udoh


PG - V. Oladijo - J. Lin

SG - P. George - G. Vasquez

SF - M. Ginobli, A. Kirlenko

PF - L. Aldridge - L. Sanders

C - T. Duncan - A. Bynum

UT - R. Anderson, B. Knight

BN - A. Len, T. Allen, J. Jack, D. Colision, C. Lee, D. Cunningham, J. Salmons, G. Stiesemsma

Team K (Michigan Militants)

PG - B. Jennings -, J. Crawford

SG - J. Harden -K. Bryant

SF - P. Pierce --, J. Smith

PF - D. Nowitzki -, K. Garnett

C - N. Pekovac ,- R. Lopez

UT - V. Carter,- C. Anderson

BN - N. Robinson, T. Prince, J. Terry, M. Dunleavey, E. Okafor, B. Gordon, A. Blatche, J. Barea

Team L (Orangeman)

PG - K. Irving, G. Hill

SG - J. Anderson, M. Belinelli

SF - K. Leonard, A. Aminu

PF - D. West, E. Brand

C - T. Mozgov, C. Bosh

U - J. Nelson, S. Livingston

BN - S. Nash, A. Jefferson, M. Thornton, A. Miller, A. Morrow, M. Morris, T. Chandler, D. Granger

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I am interested in whichever leagues use the category system and are H2H.

Team B from League 1 is the one I am most interested in, but I would love to know the details regarding each league- whether they are H2H/roto, what scoring system they use and how many teams are in each league. Thank you.

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Each Leauge is a 12 team H2H with your normal scoring categories (Field Goal Percentage (FG%), Free Throw Percentage (FT%), 3-point Percentage (3PT%), Points Scored (PTS), Total Rebounds (REB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK), Turnovers (TO)

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If still interested let me know ill send an invite

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Team A is taken

Team C is taken

Team B is taken pending on John Wallin accepting the team

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i'd like to take team G and Team L. but i never tried dynasty or a keeper league before because i only played with my friends for 7 years on h2h 9 cat hopefully this isnt a problem its going to be my first keeper or dynasty. if it isn't i'd like to try, im active and competitive here is my email if its okay and still open thanks,

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I'd take a team, been interested in doing a dynasty league. My email is

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Hi, I would like a team if any are still available. Team J or Team D would be my preference. My email is Thanks!

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