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Raspberry Pi

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Anyone own one of these? I just decided to buy one to turn into a stand alone XBMC Media server. I had been using my extremely old original xbox as an XBMC media server - and it's been working great, just afraid it's going to die one day soon.

If your not familiar with the Raspberry Pi - it's basically a mini computer the size of your wallet! Better yet, it only costs $25-$35! It's basically a small motherboard that's equipped with the essentials for a PC. Here's a diagram specs of it. Here's a photo. Then here's what it looks like in a case (and they are quite a few cases you could choose from to purchase).

Anyways, here's a link to what I'm planning to do with XBMC, and if you're not familiar with XBMC - but have tons of media, I suggest heading over to - you'll enjoy (it's a pretty extensive library skinning tool for all your media)...(it may be more effective to just google search "XBMC Skins" to see images of what it can look like)

So, back to my original question - anyone have a Raspberry Pi or know someone who does?

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