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Max Rockatansky

Darren Sharper 2014 Outlook

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Max Rockatansky    1,018

Ex-NFL S Darren Sharper has been charged with drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles.

These are felony charges. Sharper, 38, is accused of raping two women whom he had invited back to his hotel room. He reportedly gave them liquid shots containing Ambien and morphine, causing them to pass out. One woman woke up while Sharper was assaulting her, while the other woke up naked hours later. It's been requested that bail be set at $10 million because Sharper is being investigated for rapes in L.A., New Orleans, Nevada and Arizona. Sharper is currently employed by NFL Network but was suspended without pay last month.


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owenmills    2,597

Damn close to making my Do Not Draft list.

Not to go off topic, but this should probably be in the Off Topic section of the forum

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