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Very active league looking to fill an orphaned team

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This is a 12 team h2h points league...$150 entry per year (leaguesafe) which is due before we draft. We will be doing a slow draft which will begin on Sun March 2nd .... We keep 5 players each year with no restrictions.. We allow daily roster changes and we will have daily waivers so this is a very active league. Only players that are able to update rosters everyday and respond to emails/messages promptly will do well in this league. I will post the roster you would be taking over and the players you will get to choose from (5 total)...please contact me if interested..


Jake Lesandrini


CPierzynski, A.J.

Loney, James

Profar, Jurickson

(3BMachado, Manny

Simmons, Andrelton

(\Andrus, Elvis

Morales, Kendrys

Brantley, Michael

Bruce, Jay

Eaton, Adam

Morrison, Logan

Segura, Jean

Buxton, Byron

Heyward, Jason

(OF)Kemp, Matt

Burnett, A.J.

Gallardo, Yovani

Gonzalez, Miguel

Henderson, Jim

Perez, Martin

Price, David

Rodney, Fernando

Uehara, Koji

(P)Hellickson, Jeremy

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