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12-Team Free ESPN Points H2H Keeper League

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What's up everyone, I'm running a 12 team Free ESPN Points H2H Keeper League. The league has been going for 4 years and it's highly active (as one look at the message board could attest) with knowledgeable, dedicated owners. Our previous commissioner had to leave the league due to other commitments, and a couple of his friends had to leave with him. So we're looking for 4 owners to step in and take over in their place. Our rules allow owners to keep 4 players from their previous season's roster, with the caveat being that all players drafted in the first 3 rounds are ineligible, as well as any players added after the playoff deadline. I created a spreadsheet with all the owner's rosters and player eligibility to avoid any confusion. The draft will take place on the evening of March 16th (exact time to de determined).

The available teams are listed in the keepers link as "Team 1", "Team 2", "Team 3" & "Team 4". All the teams with owners have distinct names. It's first come, first serve roster wise. The first guy to post a response gets the first pick of the 4 available rosters, the 2nd response gets the 2nd choice, etc. Anyone interested in joining, please post here first, so I can ascertain the order of who signed up when. Thanks.

League Site:


League Settings:


Keepers Spreadsheet:

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