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20 man draft, keep 8, who do draft at second spot, H2H

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Keepers in sig.

R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG for hitting

W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP for pitching

Top 6 hitters available via Orank

Zimmerman 3b Orank 53

Altuve 2b Orank 90

Brown OF Orank101

Everth Cabrera SS Orank 109

Granderson OF Orank 111

Cuddyer OF Orank 112

Top 6 pitchers via Orank

Moore Orank 98 (I had him, chose not to keep him)

Romo Orank 105

Salazar Orank 115

Reed Orank 123

Fister Orank 131

Janssen Orank 132

Tanaka available

My needs would be C, 2B, SS, SB's, another closer

2b: Goes Altuve, Kendrick, Murphy, Lowrie, Miller, Dozier

SS: Goes Everth Cabrera, Asdrubal Cabrera, Simmons, Rollins, Alexei Ramirez, Lowrie, Peralta

C: McCann, W Ramos, Gattis, Montero, Castro, Yan Gomes, A Pierzynski

So, because this is H2H, I could just punt SB as Hosmer was my top SB guy with 11SB and then it is Machado with 6. Also, seeing as power is kind in this scoring format, a HR hitter would net R, HR, RBI and this would lead to Zimmerman being top pick for me IF he drops to 2nd spot (other team needs a 2b as well).

If Zimmerman gets picked, I am thinking Altuve but he will only get SB and AVG. It would then make more sense to try and get Kendrick, Daniel Murphy or Jed Lowrie as they'll get me 10+HR, 70 RBI and a good avg. However, if I pick Altuve, he could win me a few weeks if he has a streak run.

If I get Zimmerman above, I would then go for SS (probably Simmons only avail when it gets back to me). Now...if I were to choose Altuve, I could go for Alexie Ramirez and combined the SBs would be pretty decent (with a decent avg).

Or I could just go for McCann and hope he is healthy on a stacked NYY team this year.

Decisions, decisions. Looking for input please, sorry for the long read.

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Another idea is to take Buxton with the second pick and not keep Shelby Miller the year after

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It's a tough one...more advice needed as I am leaning to so many directions...another scenario was to take Buxton at 2, and at 39 take Baez (SS). Essentially giving up on the season to have a solid 8 moving forward.

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Draft coming up Sunday. I am now leaning to Jose Abreu 2nd overall over Zimmerman, Tanaka, Altuve etc..whoever isn't picked.

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