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Alternate Hockey League Seeks 3 New Members

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In an alternate reality, Bettman's actions leading to the 2004-05 lost season gave rise to the United Hockey League - a league made up of owners and followed by fans fed up with the Bettman NHL

How this will work:

We are currently looking for 3 expansion franchises who will begin play in 2014-15. After a members team is determined, the member will be responsible for coming up with the team history. (I will be doing the league history) The intent is to have fun with this so it is up to the member to decide how interesting (like the story of the 1919-20 Hamilton Tigers) or mundane (the origin of the Montreal Maroons' moniker) you want your team to be.


Regions will be chosen on a first come first serve basis. In choosing team names, please refrain from current NHL/AHL/ECHL/CHL/CJHL names. However, defunct names (Hartford Whalers, Brooklyn Americans) are more than welcome. The open regions are as follows:


Each member will be a voting member on league policies. We have a league site: UHL

The league will run on Yahoo! and will be a H2H league.

If interested, either comment here or PM me!

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