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Sixth Year Keeper League in Transition - Looking for New Managers

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I'm looking for serious fantasy managers to take over 3 teams in a 12-team Yahoo keeper league. The league started in 2009 with 3 really serious managers and our (less serious) friends and random joiners. We've been gradually making improvements to the league over the years and as a result, have lost an average of 2-3 managers/year. At this point we are up to 9 very serious fantasy managers...we are looking to permanently fill the last 3 spots.

We run a very democratic ship, with managers getting input virtually all league business. We have a 5-page document that spells out the bylaws that have been debated and agreed upon by the league. We've also transitioned to a pay league (last year we went with $20...this year we bumped it to $35, and hope eventually to get people to buy in $50 and include several payouts). We collect and distribute all league fees (as of this season) on to assure transparency and sound fiscal practices.

This year we will be discussing a further transition, from a 5 player keeper league to something more akin to a dynasty league. We've been following the unsustainable rule of drafting keepers as the first five picks in the draft, we want to transition to a more strategic format of varying the keeper numbers and trading draft picks for keepers, which seems to be a more efficient method for balancing team building with long-term parity from year to year.

So basically, we don't just want managers who will visit the site occassionally and set lineups. We want managers that want to create (and continue to build) an exciting and challenging fantasy league that is yours (as much as it is mine, your commish). If you are interested, please send me an email

We have 3 rosters available, these will be distributed on a first-come first serve basis. You will be required to sign up and pay the entrance fee before we draft. Since we are not yet prepared to draft, I cannot tell you when the draft will occur. However, we would like to get in before the start of the early series on March 22 (so, Friday 3/21). If we cannot fill the league by then, we will likely draft on Friday 3/28 or Saturday 3/29. We tend to draft in the evening, between 5-8PM (EST), but again, we allow managers input on when our draft occurs. So join us!

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