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30 team league needs owner

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My 30 team league is in need of a new owner. It is a free league (but we are in discussion to move the league from played on ESPN and onto fantrax in a premium 30 team league so it will be 2.67 per team). However, you will not be required to pay this as others have agreed to pay more to cover those that do not want to pay.

The current opening is the Dallas Mavericks. They do not have the best team but have the 17th pick in this year's draft and 2 2015 1sts to rebuild. Their roster is: (anybody with a 2013/2014 ending contract and no stars (2 is Team Option and 3 is RFA) will be off your roster when we move the books over to the 2014/2015 season)

PG Sebastian Telfair, $0.75m (2013/2014) $0.75m

PG Jeff Teague, $14.9m (2014/2015)** $14.9m $14.9m $14.9m**

SG-SF MarShon Brooks, $1.2m (2013/2014)**/*** $1.2m $1.2m** $0m***

SG-SF Landry Fields, $7.2m (2013/2014)** $7.2m $7.2m**

SG-PG Nando De Colo, $1m (2013/2014) $1m

SF Corey Brewer, $3.38m (2015/2016) $3.38m $3.38m $3.38m

SF-PF Ersan Ilyasova $18m (2013/2014)** $18m $18m**

SF-PF Shawn Marion, $8.4m (2013/2014) $8.4m

PF Patrick Patterson, $4.4m (2014/2015) $4.4m $4.4m

PF Arnett Moultrie, $0.86m (2013/2014)**/**/*** $0.86m $0.86m** $0.86m** $0m***

C Kelly Olynyk, $1.93m (2014/2015)**/**/*** $1.93m $1.93m $1.93m** $1.93m** $0m***

D-League Roster (0/5 players)

The full rules of this league is:

This is a free 30-team salary cap dynasty NBA league and I have taken time to make this league. I expect every owner that joins this league to abide by the rules below and remain constantly active in the ProFSL boards for the league and the leagues on ESPN. The way inactivity will go is if you have not been to the site in 14 days, you will be warned about being replaced, and if a week goes by with no response, then you will be replaced. Also, if we are in the middle of a draft and you miss 2 consecutive picks, you will be warned of being replaced. If you then miss another pick without responding to my warning, you will be replaced. Please let me know in advance if you are going to be inactive for any period of time (vacation, surgery, work, etc)

Admission To League

In order to be admitted to this league, you will need to sign up on the sign up/waiting list that will be on the ProFSL league site. You will then need to submit an application in the list. I will provide you with what will need to be answered in the application. If multiple owners are on the waiting list, then it will not be first come first serve.


You are not required to have a full 12 man roster. But you must have at least 10 people on your roster during the season. That also includes IR so if you have 8 active players then 2 IR, you are good in terms of this















*The player must be listed as Out on ESPN for him to be placed on the IR.

To place a player on IR, you can move them to IR on ESPN then post it on here so the player will be moved to IR on your roster on here.


5-man d-league roster max and anyone can be placed in the d-league. To call up a player from your d-league, you would take on their real life contract. And if you drop a player to the d-league then you will still have to pay his salary for the season. D-league players wont be on your team on ESPN but will be on here. To call up or send down someone, you are to post it in the transactions board.

If the person you are calling up does not have a contract then you have to go to one of the salary sites and find his contract and post the link to the contract


H2H Categories (1 win for each category won)










The regular season will last for 15 weeks. Everyone will have one bye week meaning they will play 14 matchups (one against every team in the conference). Playoffs begin in week 17 and last until week 20 (4 rounds).


8 teams will make the playoffs from each conference just like as in the NBA. . Playoff seeding will be just as it is in the NBA. For playoff matchups, if a matchup ends in a tie, then the tiebreakers would be:

1. Higher Seed

2. Regular Season Record (only in finals)

Playoff seeding tiebreakers will be as follows:

1. Head to Head to Record

We will have a 3rd league just for the playoffs, then after week 15 (this would be the last week of the regular season for us on ESPN), we will set up the playoff league to begin in Week 17 (this gives owners a week to accept invites)

Salary Cap Structure

Each team will inherit their current contracts. You will take the salary as of the end of the 2011/2012 season. Meaning anyone who has an expiring contract will be a FA to be bid on. The salary cap for this league will be 80M. Until FA begins, you may drop any contracts for free, but once FA begins then you will have to pay half of a player’s salary for that year by dropping them. To find a player’s contract we will use . Team Option’s and Player Option’s are part of the contracts that are involved as well. Any other type of option will be a team option. You may drop a retired player for free by posting the drop in the Transactions board stating that the player is retired and you will be dropping him for free. Contracts would be like this for example:

D.J. Augustin 3.24M (2011/2012)***

***= RFA

**= Team Option

*= Player Option.

**/***= Team Option then RFA

**/**/***= 2 year Team Option and then RFA

If a player has a player option, then if he stays with his team in real life then you may pick up the player option for that year. If that player doesn’t pick up his player option then he becomes an FA.

Dropping Players

Say you drop a player no matter what the contract is,you are responsible for one half of that players contract for whatever number of years it is. If another owner bids in FA and wins that player then the original owner does not have to pay the rest of his salary only the 50% has to be paid on that player.This would only pertain to a multi year contract.The owner that dropped him cannot make a bid on that player. Also, if a player has a contract that is $1M or less, they may be dropped for free

In shorter words say you drop Chris Bosh(16mil salary till 2014)you would pay 8 mil in cap hit and 8 mil each year after.If he is won by another owner in free agency you will not have to pay the remaining years.

Also if a player retires for any reason, you are no longer on the hook for ANY of that contract immediately. Pretty simply stated, if player is retired, he is off your roster and you gain all cap space back at that moment!!!

After rosters have been posted, you may drop anyone for free until we start the rookie draft. Once the rookie draft has begun, you will be on the hook for 50% of the guy's salary you draft for each year that they have left on their contract. Once the player is claimed or signed via FA then you will only be on the hook for that year's contract. Meaning if you drop Arenas this year and he has 3 years on his contract, you would pay half his salary in each of those 3 years, but once he has been claimed or signed in FA, then you will only be on the hook for that year's salary.

**new rule inputted after 2012/2013 season, any new owner has a 2 week period from when they joined the league to drop 1 contract from their team with no penalty. There is no requirement to do this however. With this, the player does not have to be on your team when you take over the team. You can trade for a player and then drop them as long as it is within the 2 week period.

**you may also decide to pay all of the penalty for dropping a player in a shorter amount of time if you wish (except the penalty in one year can not be more than the yearly salary of the player). Ex. if a player is under contract for a $5m deal and still has 3 years left on his contract when he is dropped. You owe $7.5m on his contract. So you could pay $5m in one year then $2.5m the next year to get the penalty off your books sooner.

**Once the playoffs start, you can not pay extra in that season to get the player's penalty off the books faster. Ex. if you have a player under a $4m salary for 2 years, you can not pay the entire $4m penalty in that season once the playoffs start.


Trading is allowed obviously. An owner may pay for part or all of a player’s contract for that year or even future years in a trade to make the trade work out if cap is an issue in the trade. 80M is the hard cap and cap can not be traded meaning the only money that can move in a trade is the money that someone might pay for a player. Only the owner that owns that player can pay part of that player's contract in a trade. If 3 or more teams are in a trade, that 3rd team can not pay part of a salary going from team 1 to team 2 or vice-versa. Player’s may be moved for draft picks. Trades are to be posted in the transactions board and must be agreed upon by both owners involved in a trade. This is how a trade must be posted:

Team A trades:

Kevin Durant 15.5M (2015/2016)

Team B trades:

Dwayne Wade 15.7M (2014/2015)*

Trades will be voted on by a trade committee of at least 7 people, and no more than 9 people. TC will not vote unless the trade is in the right format. To state that someone is paying part of someone’s contract then you would put that in parentheses after the year. Example:

Team A trades:

Kevin Durant 15.5 M (2015/2016)(10M paid by Team A for 12/13)

I will have a transaction log posted for each team to keep track of trades and such to make it easier to keep track of teams paying for players.

All 9 members on the TC must try and vote on every trade. From now on, if a trade gets 4 or more vetoes, it will not pass.

Everyone needs to respond to trade offers or messages about being interested in a certain player/pick. It is rude to not respond to trade messages. Even a simple, "no thank you," would be fine. If I get multiple people telling me that someone is not responding to trade offers, then you will be liable to be replaced.

****In order to avoid any trading mistakes (such as trading players/picks that you do not actually have), each trade will be inspected by me or simowjyforte before being voted on so no mistakes are made.

Free Agency

Free Agency will start after the NBA draft ends. Any player who is an unrestricted FA or not owned by a team is eligible to be bid on. The minimum amount that can be bid on a player is .75M and you have to go up by at least .1M for it to be an active bid after that. The amount you bid on a player will be their yearly contract total and a bid is final once it is the final bid for over 48 hours. You MAY NOT bid more than you have available in your salary cap. FAs can be signed to 1,2,or 3 year deals. MAX number of winning bids at anytime is 3

*beginning with the 2013 offseason, each bid must go up by at least .3M

Here is how years will be handed out:

$3m or less = max of 2 year contract

$3mil + = max of 3 year contract

Restricted Free Agency

RFA bidding will be open bidding in the transactions board. Each bid after the first must go up by at least .1M. A bid will be final after it has not been bid on for 48 hours. After a bid is final then the owner of the player will have 5 days to match the offer or let the player go.

-A player who is not bid on at all in RFA can be released or signed to the league minimum of .75M by the old owner. Max amount of years that can be bid on RFAs is 3. You must have open roster spot to bid on players.

-If an RFA player signs an extension in real life before the offseason where he is an RFA then the owner of that player in this league may choose to take the extension.

*beginning with the 2012/2013 RFA, max amount of years is 3

We will use yearly contract for compensation:

For 2013 offseason, we will be using this compensation:

less than $7M= no compensation

$7M-$14.9M= 2nd round pick

$15M+ = 1st round pick

*If you place 2 or more $15m+ bids on RFAs then you must have the require amount of 1st round picks if the owner decides not to match. Meaning if you place 2 $15m+ bids then you must have 2 1st rounders over the next 2 years AT THE TIME of the bid. Same thing goes for 2nd round picks. However, if you bid between $7m and $14.99m on an RFA and don't have a 2nd round pick over the next 2 years, then the owner of the RFA can choose to not match the offer and take a 1st round pick from you.

Rookie Draft

Every year we will hold the rookie draft after the NBA Draft. It will be 2 rounds as usual. Teams may trade their draft picks for other draft picks or people. You may trade draft picks for the following 2 seasons. Meaning that after the 2012 draft, 2013 and 2014 would be eligible to be traded and so on. Draft will have an 8 hour per pick clock. Any pick that is not picked within the 8 hours will automatically receive the next highest player left that was drafted in the NBA draft. Please let me know if you'd like to be placed on autopick.

To find rookie salaries, we will use cbafaqs rookie salary scale. Any 2nd round pick will be .75M if placed on NBA roster. Any draft pick can be placed in the d-league, but they will count against your cap if they are a 1st round pick (unless it is a European player staying overseas). All 1st round picks will be placed on 2 year deals + 2 team options + RFA after the team options. 2nd rounds pick can be placed on 1, 2, or 3 year deals at the $0.75m if placed on the NBA roster.

Draft Lottery

The 14 non-playoff teams will be involved in the draft lottery process to determine the order of the first 14 picks in the 1st round. We will to do this. I will use the option of choosing how many a team will receive. Here’s the process: 1st is worse team in league, 14th is best non-playoff team:

1st- 250

2nd- 199

3rd- 156

4th- 119

5th- 88

6th- 63

7th- 43

8th- 28

9th- 17

10th- 11

11th- 8-

12th- 7

13th- 6

14th- 5

In the event of there being a tie for a seed then we will take the average of the 2 spots. Ex. If the 6th and 7th teams tie, then both teams would get 53 (average of 63 and 43).

This is how the real draft lottery works, so we will use this.

*In the case that 2 teams tie for the same spot and neither moves up, then the team with the lower conference seed will get the higher pick. But if both teams have the same conference spot, then we will use a coin toss to determine which team gets the higher pick.

The draft will have an 8 hour clock on here and the picks are to be posted in the rookie draft thread in the transactions board.

****draft clock will be 12 hours for 2013 NBA draft

Franchise Tags/Extensions

An owner may franchise tag one person with an expiring contract each year (not anyone with a team option or RFA). It is either use or lose for this franchise tag. This tag lasts for the next 1,2, or 3 years (you may select this tag to be 1, 2, or 3 years) and they will be tagged at a contract that is 125% greater than the current contract. Meaning someone with an expiring 10M contract could be tagged at 12.5M for up to 3 more years. The deadline to tag someone every year will be the beginning of the Cross-COurt playoffs (unless a player decides in the offseason that they are going to opt out of their contract then you can tag them fi you have saved your franchise tag).

There will be a limit on the # of times that an owner can tag somebody, and trade them then if the owner receiving the player negates their franchise tag. This can only happen once where the owner who originally tagged the player gets their tag back to tag someone else.

there will be no extensions in the league. The 1 Franchise Tag per year is the only way to keep an expiring player. You may not use a tag on the same player twice though. you do not have to use this tag though

Protected Draft Picks

We do allow protected draft picks in this league. All you need to do is post the protected pick terms in the trade.

Player Protected Pick- This is used to revert a pick back to an owner if the player they want ends up declaring for the next draft.

Lottery Protected Pick- This is used to revert a pick back to an owner if the pick ends up being a certain pick within the lottery picks (I.E. first, top 2, top 3, top 4, top 5, etc.)

Player Options/Team Options

Team Options:

If a player has a team option, then the owner in here can pick it up to have him play for another season with that team. Team Options have no effect from real life. you do not have top wait to see if a team picks up a team option on a player

Also, if you decline a team option on someone who has RFA for the year or 2 after the team option then you do not release that player to free agency. That player would just become a RFA a year or 2 early because of his declined 2 year team option.

Player Options:

If a player has a player option, then that depends on what happens in real life. If he picks up his player option then you may pick it up in here as well or you could choose to just let them go. If he does not pick it up in real life then he becomes a UFA in this league. If he is traded in real life before the player option is able to be picked up then his PO will become a TO in this league and the owner can pick it up. Also, if a player does not accept his PO in real life then the owner in here has the option to use the up to 3 year franchise tag on him but only if the owner has not already used his franchise tag for the year.

In-Season Waivers

There will be no free agent bidding during the regular season. We will use waivers to have owners claim players they want. Instead of doing this over PM, we will have waivers be posted in the transactions board. If you want to claim a player, you just need to make a post in the transactions board for a player and say you would like to claim that player. After a waiver post is originally posted, anybody else that wants to claim that player can also claim the player by posting that they would like to claim the player also. Once a player is posted, anyone that wants to claim the player has 72 hours from the time of the post to claim the player. However, if you have the first waiver order spot, and claim a player you will automatically win the player. You must have d-league openings to claim players. The first week of waiver order will be reverse order of the last year's standings then each week, anyone who claimed someone will go to the back of the order.


I make a post in the transactions board to claim a player (name of post needs to be the players name) but then someone replies on my post to claim that player and they have a high waiver order. That person would then get the player because of the order of the waivers.

Power Rankings

This league will use power rankings to add an extra element to this league. We will do these power rankings monthly. Here would be when we would do these: Preseason, After 4th matchup, after 8th matchup, after 12th matchup, then pre playoffs in our league. We need at least 5 members to be on this committee to create power rankings. IF we have more than 5 interested, then we would rotate members who would do this after every period of power rankings. 1 member would do 1-6, another would do 7-12, another is 13-18, another is 19-24, and the last would do 25-30. You could also do a write-up for each team as to why you gave them that spot or how they have been doing lately.

League Awards

We will have voting on awards at the end of each season (during the real life NBA Playoffs).

MVP and Rookie of the year awards will be posted in a poll with 5 choices (the 5 players that were up for each award in real life NBA).

Executive (gm) of the year and most improved team will be voted on by silent voting where each owner will send me their votes via PM. You can not vote for yourself in these awards. Most improved team will not be available until next season since this is the first season of this league.

**starting in 2013/2014, we will not follow the real life award voting. Voting will be be during the 2 weeks in between the end of our regular season and the beginning of the playoffs. The first week will be to nominate people for the MVP and Rookie of the Year, while the 2nd week will be to vote on the awards. Executive of the year and most improved team will still be strictly a end of the season award voting.

Editing Posts

No withdrawing of a bid once you post it AND no editing of a post either. Once you place a bid, its locked until you win the player or the player is upped.

Had problems like this in other leagues.

1st offense- Warning

2nd offense- Removal From League

Switching Teams

When we have an opening in the league, an owner may switch from his current team to that opening pending approval from the moderators of the league. The only restriction on this would be during the scoring season, an owner may not switch teams to go to a higher record team. It is fine to switch to a team with a worse record but not a better record so as to prevent an owner form switching to a higher team to get into the playoffs. Offseason you may switch to any open team with approval of the moderators. (Me or simowjyforte)

Roster Moves

ALL contracts must be posted with EVERY roster move. Meaning contracts must be listed in the trade, the call-up/send down, the drop, etc. No roster move will be processed without the contract listed.


All deadlines for TO, RFA, Tagging are set in stone. If you do not make the move you want to by then, you will not get another chance to do them. The only ones that get an exception are those that join just after a deadline has passed but this does not apply to Team Options. Those must be picked up by the yearly June 30th deadline or they are FAs with no going back. However not every new owner will get an exception to the deadlines. They will only get to surpass the deadline if the previous owner was inactive at the time of the deadline.

If you are interested, please send me an email @ or just go to the league page and sign-up (after registering for the site which is free).

You go to and look under NBA Leagues for Cross-Court Dynasty then you will be at the league.

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