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Alternate League Seeks 5 Members

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The United Football League is seeking out new members! The UFL is an alternate reality league in which the UFL rivals the NFL in all ways. How this league works is you choose a region to place your franchise, then design all aspects of your team - uniforms, logos, team history, etc. As an owner in the league, you have say in how the league runs.

Regions are as follows:


*** All regions with stars in them have been claimed. Stars indicate team location ***

The positions will be:

1 QB

3 WR

1 TE

1 RB



1 K


2 LB

1 DB


2 IR

We have a site, UFL, and the league will play out on Yahoo! Interested? Comment on here or message me.

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Just a couple questions about the league. Can we only draft players from our region. Or is that just to represent colors, fan base, etc. Is this going to be a pretty standard dynasty league? let me know. Would take the North West


Travis -

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Players are drafted from anywhere in the NFL. The colors are arbitrary - just used to show regions where teams will be located in order to have an even distribution of teams. It's gonna be a pretty standard league. We're working on league specifics as we speak (scoring, roster size, etc). If you wish to claim the North West, just go to the site and sign up. We are more than willing to help you with anything you need help with. Look forward to having you aboard!

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