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just introducing myself

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hey everyone, love the site.

just wanted to introduce myself.

i'm really into all things fantasy [sports, movies, books, etc]

i'm a huge fan of the television shows;

GameOfThrones Dexter Homeland RayDonovan SouthPark Workaholics among many others.

i like downloading random apps on my iphone 5 lol ClashofClans is amazing.

i am a huge pittsburgh steelers, pirates, penguins, and 'future pittsburgh nba team' fan.

i plan on being very active on the site.

i like giving advice and predictions on fantasy players, teams, stats, etc.

i also enjoy receiving the same advice.

knowledge is power, the more you know the better off you will be, so i'm open to all suggestions.

and last but not least, i love ketchup and will eat it with about anything.

thanks guys/girls i am looking forward to interacting with you all

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