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Commish won't pay prizes

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Our league ended two Sunday's ago and the Commish dissipeared. He has a Roto league that is still playing because he is in first place on that one. After multiple emails about when he will send winnings he emails me this today:

This is actually the first time I've seen an email with your name attached to. I normally do my payouts 5 to 7 days after the seasons over today is on the 9th day and the day that is literally only an hour into the day so I'm not super late in my payout. I'm also going through a lot of s*** that I tried to tell you guys about I've also asked for your PayPal email address and the place your team came in the league since I can't see anything. Can't even see the information to know how much each place supposed to get paid. I asked for people to be patient while I moved while I waited for my computer that I ordered the show up at my new place. all I received is just a PayPal information. At this point you have now pissed me off and since at the end of this baseball season I'm done doing fantasy sports anyways I'm going to take time to pay you and anyone else that can't realize that life can be f****** crazy sometimes and yet it still barely been passed a week since the seasons been over wants to send me more emails they can't f****** wait too

I know this guy spent the money.. Ugg.. the thing is I know his full name, where he works and his dad's email (he is 25).. tempted to go there..

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