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Replacement Managers Needed

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Looking for replacement managers for 3 different style leagues all consisting of a 4 sports keeper/dynasty league.

League #1 is an 11 sports progressive dynasty league. We play the 4 major sports plus Golf, NASCAR, NCAA Tourney Bracket, Pro/College/College Bowl Pickem Leagues as well as Survival Football. We keep points on how you finish in each sport and award a manager of the year.

League #2 is a simple 4 sports keeper league that just started this year. We will keep a progressive amount of keepers until year 3 when we max out on our keeper amounts.

League #3 is an auction 4 sports keeper league. We have started year #3 here and this league we are allowed to designate one player from each sport as a Franchise Player where his salary is worth $0.

All 3 leagues consists of cross sports trading which means you can trade between any of the 4 sports at any time. If you are interested please message me at


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