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Need 2 owners for 30 team Dynasty

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We are looking for two owners for our 30 Team Salary Cap Dynasty league which is forum based. This has been around for 7 or 8 years and it is a very fun, active 24/7 365 days a year league. No joke. We have owners from all over the world so there is usually someone on.

We have two openings this offseason and will actually allow the new owners to REDRAFT the players/draft picks that are currently there between the two teams, Spurs and Blazers. We did this so the new guys won't feel like they just took over a team they had nothing to do with. Since it is the offseason, we can do this.

Please reply with your email if interested and your credentials if possible. We are looking for active owners only. You will need to be on several times a week on the forum chatting with the rest of us.

Here are the two teams. Once again, these players will be thrown into a pool and the 2 new owners can draft them. snake draft and we will flip a coin to see who goes first. The numbers to the right are the years left on deal {} and salary.

Portland Trail Blazers

Al Jefferson {0} 13.0

Will Bynum {0} 4.7

Josh Smith {1} 12.0

Al Harrington {0} 2.5

Marreese Speights {0} 3.4

Jason Thompson {0} 4.7

Diante Garrett {0}1.8

Caron Butler {1} 5.4

Luc Richard Mbah Moute {0} 2.0

Blazers 1st Round Pick - 6th overall

Knicks 1st Round Pick - 26th overall

Nuggets 1st Round Pick - 25th overall

Magic 1st Round Pick - 30th overall

Blazers 2nd Round Pick - 36th overall

San Antonio Spurs

Boris Diaw {0} 5.8

Kosta Koufos {1} 3.8

Ian Mahimni {0} 3.1

Kirk Hinrich {0} 5.9

Carlos Boozer {1} 8.3

Greg Stiemsma {0} 4.4

Chris Andersen {0}5.5

Tony Parker {1} 13.0

Demarre Carrol {0} 7.2

Brandon Bass {0} 6.5

Gerald Wallace {1} 7.5

Martell Webster {0} 6.0

Jae Crowder {0} 3.5

Austin Rivers {0} 2.0

Festus Ezeli {1} 1.0

Spurs 1st Round Pick - 17th overall

Spurs 2nd Round Pick - 47th overall

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I would be down to take over a team...I am on at least once EVERY I would definitely be one of the MORE active people. I have been playing Fantasy Basketball for over 8 years and have been following basketball since I was a kid.


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I'm in 3 very active leagues and actually just won a championship in one of my main ones so I'd be ready for a challenge to rebuild with a new team. Been doing fantasy since 07 and am always active fantasy basketball is my thing.

Would love to a join

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I competed in some very active cash roto leagues from last season. I have also competed in some 30 team leagues before with plenty experience in contracts.

let me know if there is a team still available


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Share on other sites of right now things are looking good with the other 2 owners. if sometimes comes up i will let you know. thanks for your interest.

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