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LF Auction League - Larger leagues prefered - Aus Timezone

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About me:

25 y.o - basketball crazy - I probably spend a good few hours a day reading/watching basketball, both NBA and NBL (Aus).

I have been playing Fantasy basketball for 4 years now. I am currently in 2 other leagues - 20 team h2h 9 cat Dynasty ESPN (international) and a 14 Team Points H2H ESPN(Aus). Both of these leagues used a snake draft.

I am reliable and check on my teams pretty much daily (its my homepage).

What I am after:

I am really keen to get involved in an Auction league, doesn't bother me if it is Dynasty or not.

I would prefer a larger league 14+ teams but if its smaller that's all good, as long as everyone is active.

I am happy with $$ leagues or free.


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