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Keeper League: Would you trade Ty Lawson for...

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Keeper league

If you had Ty Lawson, which of the following would you trade for?

Anthony Davis

Derrick Favors

Nikola Vucevic

Kenneth Faried

Taj Gibson

Kawhi Leonard

Joakim Noah

Paul Millsap

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Reckon Noah would be a good get if you're after a tall, as he is quite durable and can help in numerous categories. Mind you, a fit Rose may reduce his dish-work a bit. Millsap is rock-solid also, and i do like Kawhi especially if he has earned if not the keys to San Antonio, at least being able to sit in the front seat. Not sure if the Kawhi owner would straight swap though, and the Davis owner most certainly would want a fair bit more than Lawson alone. Gibbo and Faried amd Favours....all handy, and the latter two are developing nicely as they get more experience. Could be worth a flyer.

My personal opinion, i'd be trying to angle for Kawhi, then Noah/Millsap.

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