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All Bench Coach Questions- Help Us Help You

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For those who are about to post keeper questions, as someone who usually is more than willing to help, the one thing that will help you the most is to give as much *relevant* information. The reason is simple - the best solution in one case can be the worst solution in another.

So, with that in mind, here are some things to include:

The Basics

1. League Format

Is it mixed? Is it AL or NL-only? How many teams? This will tell us how deep your talent pool is to start out with.

2. Auction or Draft Format

Equally important - sometimes it's obvious when you post salaries, but this can change the response greatly.

3. Scoring Format

If it's H2H, 4x4, 5x5, that can change the value of players dramatically. PLUS, if it's anything other than standard 4x4 or 5x5, then for the love of God, *PLEASE* tell us what categories they are - we can't read your mind. Counting K's will devalue Adam Dunn, and counting .OPS will devalue speed-only guys - you get the point, we need this kind of information.

4. Keeper Format or Not, Plus # Keepers

This is probably the biggest piece of information left out - having 5 keepers in a 10-team mixed league basically means you should only be keeping the studs, and not speculating on breakout candidates. Conversely, having 12 keepers in a 15-team league means just about *anyone* can have value in the right situation.

5. Salary or Average Draft Position (ADP) of each keeper

Even if there is no difference in ADP, then tell us - we need to know this. More importantly, if there is a difference in salary or ADP, we need to know this to give a reasonable opinion. Few people would tell you to take Chris Young (the Arizona OF) over Alfonso Soriano straight-up, but if Young being kept meant you were saving 10 draft rounds or $20, then there could be a huge argument for that move. In any case, we need to know that kind of stuff.

Without the above information, any advice you're getting is pretty much useless.

Advanced Information

This information isn't strictly necessary, but if you want the best answers for your situation, then more information *always* helps.

1. Contract Year Status

Whenever we are comparing keepers or evaluating trades, the length of remaning contracts can swing an opinion in a big way - just like having Johan for only 1 more year or having a boatload of promising but hardly proven prospects is what's facing the Twins, we want to know if you're deciding between players of equal contract lengths. More importantly, if there is no difference in contract length, then tell us - don't assume we'll know it, all league formats are different. Plus, if there are contract length differences, give us the details on the salary or average draft position (ADP) that's involved - another huge factor.

2. Post the rest of your lineup/keepers

Even if you think you have the question, sometimes it's pretty obvious to many you're missing the boat on the best lineup you can field keeper-wise. Also, knowing the rest of your lineup can give us a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses, and this can change your answers as well.

3. Who Else is Available?

This is probably the hardest part, but believe me, if you want a good opinion, then give us this information. "Should I keep Player X over Player Y" makes a huge difference if there are *NO GOOD ALTERNATIVES* to one of your 2 choices. For example, knowing I'd have to choose between Lyle Overbay or Daric Barton if I don't keep Paul Konerko in a mixed league, well that would change my answer significantly than if I knew there were a ton of other top 1B's available.


Some posters will disagree and stay away from long posts, but y'know what, no one is going to give you a bad answer with more information - the guys that ignore a long post probably weren't going to give you a very thoughtful response anyways.

Now, anyone is free to ignore all of the above, but keep this in mind - you *get back what you put in* when it comes to forum posting. If you ask a simple question, you'll get a simple answer, and more importantly, one that might be *completely* wrong for your situation. *YOU* are the owners that know your league the best - if we don't know the same amount of information above, we can't give an answer that is helpful as possible. And, if you don't know the information above, then that might be telling you the most important point - you might want to have a handle on the information above before you decide what you want to do, never mind what others might do.

Hope that helps, and more importantly, I hope it helps you all get the answers you're looking for.

P.S. The same could apply to trade questions, then the only other information you need to provide is how the trade helps & hurts you, and why the other team would even consider it.

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Holy frieken mother of pearl what a post! Hopefully, some people take note of this...Actually, let's hope everybody takes note of this!

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Excellent post Rotobronco. It's so annoying having to ask for peoples rosters, scoring categories etc.

If you can you should change the title of the thread to Keeper League & Trade Questions

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I'll go ahead and make the change. Rotobronco, let me know if you have any objections.

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