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-WHIR- Fitz & Torrey Smith on WW. Pick them up?!

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PPR League -Start 3 WRs

My WR depth is awful. Do I pick up one of these two guys and which one?

I'd have to drop one of my WRs:

M. Floyd

B. Cooks

G. Tate

K. Wright

E. Decker

J. Matthews (just picked him up)

I was thinking about dropping Decker, but is this too premature? He was looking good before his hamstring injury, which will hopefully be gone in a week or two. BUT I AM in 0-3 hole, despite being 4th-highest scoring team in league, so I need immediate help.


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Thats a very tough choice, Fitzgerald has the ability to improve and play better down the line, but it would be tough to drop any of your WR for the possibility of that happening so I would stay put for now. Love the Matthews pickup though, especially because of the fact that he'll be going against NFC East Defenses during the Fantasy Football playoffs. Hope that helps and would appreciate some help back (

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