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pray for rain

Any openings in MA auction leagues (preferably new)?

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Here is an ad I posted on this bulletin board. Let me know if you are interested via email.

The 3 year old Renegades of North America (RNA) is looking for a few good team owners. We are currently a 10 team fantasy baseball league utilizing both AL and NL players. Most of our team owners are located in the Boston area although two of our teams are out of state. We can do this because we utilize CBS Sportsline for our stat system. We conduct a live – in person – auction draft and this year it is scheduled for Saturday, April 5th. No, we will not change the date. However, it is “possible” for an owner to do the draft by phone but we cannot guarantee it because that option may already be taken by one of our current owners and more than one team doing an auction by phone gets to be quite chaotic. And chaos is not something we seek out deliberately.

The basic entry cost is $250 but you must also pay a $75 “security deposit” before the season begins that is applied against your future purchase of free agents during the season as well as your trades. If you are interested, I can provide more information and/or even send you our rules (yes, we do have some). If you are sane, reasonable, merry at times, one who plays well with others, not prone to enjoying throwing a cat in the shower, and currently off both steroids and HGH – at least three months, we may be the league for you. As of this writing, you will not be subject to any mandatory drug tests but we are studying the Mitchell report very closely and are thinking about adopting its recommendations.

If you fit the description above and have interest, please contact our erstwhile and debonair Grand Commissioner, John Klenakis, at: If he does not reply in a reasonable amount of time it is either because your response was worded in such a way as to make him doubt you do have the qualifications necessary or his damn e-mail filter threw your response in the junk file

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