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Welcome to the first season of the National Basketball Classic. This is a 5 year dynasty basketball league which will have yearly payouts along with a grand prize for the top 2 dynasties over 5 seasons.

Yearly Entry: $100

Yearly Payout ($800 Per Season):

1st: $450

2nd: $250

3rd: $100

Top 2 Dynasties ($200 x5 Seasons): $1000

1st: $600

2nd: $400

The 'Top 2 Dynasties' are determined by a point system. Each team will be rewarded points depending on where they finish in the final standings at the end of each season. Below is the point structure.

1st: 20 Points

2nd: 17 Points

3rd: 15 Points

4th: 13 Points

5th: 10 Points

6th: 8 Points

7th: 6 Points

8th: 4 Points

9th: 2 Points

10th: 0 Point

The opening draft order will be randomized 1 hour prior to the draft date. Seasons 2,3,4 and 5 will be determined by the 'Dynasty Point Standings' going into that specific season. Draft picks are always available to trade throughout the regular season and off season.

Each team will keep 20 players going into each season. There will be a 5 round draft each year that will include rookies, 1st year players and free agents.

There will be a due date for all league fees via PayPal/e-transfer prior to the draft to ensure that all respective owners get paid out at the end of each season. $200 from the pool each season will go towards the grand prize paid to the top 2 dynasties over 5 years.

Please review all league settings prior to committing to the league (Roster Size, Scoring System etc.)

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email me at or leave a message in the chatbox below.


League Link:


Nick Bodemer

League Commissioner

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I'm interested. I'm in dynasties in baseball (won a 16 teamer this year) and football. Looking for a good basketball dynasty. When is the draft?

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Hey man, if you still have a spot, I'll do it. But I'd need another invitation emailed:

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