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Need 2 Owners for 16-team mixed Keeper

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Hi, my league currently has 2 open teams in need of managers. We are going into our 4rth year, & the runner-up team & the team with the #1 pick in this years Major Draft are available. It is $65 for a team, via paypal due on Febuary 15th 08.

These are our league rules:

Player Pool: AL and NL Players.Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, U and P.Eligibility: Players are eligible at their primary position, plus positions they've played 10 games last year or 5 games this year.Transactions: •Lineups may be set daily up to 30 minutes before gametime.•Owners may set lineups and change players' positions from a list of their eligible positions.•Only players who are on the disabled list may be placed into Injured status.•Only players in the minor leagues may be placed into Minors status.•Add/drops are handled by a waivers process.•The waivers process runs on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.•The waiver order resets after each weeks' games.•Dropped players remain on waivers for at least 2 day(s).•Trades are subject to a 2-day voting period, where at most 7 objections are allowed. Trades receiving more than 7 objections are sent to the commissioner for approval.•No trades can be made after the trade deadline of 11:59 PM ET 8/23/08.

(Click Here to set a reminder)•Owners may not make trades during the offseason.Schedule: Weekly scoring periods, starting on Mondays, with 3 matchups per period.

Playoffs start in Period 24 and last for 3 Periods.Scoring: Head-to-Head, Number of Categories System.

Ties go to the team with better FPCT.

Scoring based on total stats each period.

Scoring for Batting CategoriesBA - Batting AverageDT - Doubles Plus TriplesHR - Home RunsOBP - On Base PctR - RunsRBI - Runs Batted InSB - Stolen Bases Scoring for Pitching CategoriesERA - Earned Run AverageHD - HoldsK - Strikeouts (Pitcher)QS - Quality StartsS - SavesW-L - Wins Minus LossesWHIP - Walks + Hits / Inning Constitution: Pay Attention Fantasy Baseball League

** Team Owners MUST be at least 18 years of age **


-Roster will be "locked" following the conclusion of the playoffs

-Owners will receive invitations to return in mid-December of each year

-Payment will be due February 15 or team will be forfeited

-Future new owners will buy intact teams

-Beginning on the day after we receive payment of league fees from all teams, we will open up a short trading period in which all of the standard veto rules will apply. This period will close 2 days before the first keeper lists are due to the commissioner.

-Owners must select 10 players (may include ML players), 1 Exemption-A player and 1 Exemption-B player and up to 8 minors to protect on their roster. Lists are due to the Commissioner by midnight eastern Mar. 01 each year with lists distributed to owners for review. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A LATE FEE OF $10 (to be added to prize of champion) AND POSSIBLY FORFEITURE OF TEAM AND FEES PAID.

-A second list of up to 8 Minor League players is due by midnight eastern Mar. 31 each year with lists distributed by the Commissioner to owners for review with the same penalties applying as stated above.

- For the purpose of protecting minor league players moving into the next fantasy year, the ML player must meet the following criteria - a) no more than 130 major league AB or 50 IP in the previous year, B) the player must have been on an official minor league roster the previous year (not including rehab assignments).

--Exemption Players are defined as:

*Exemption-A players: Any position player under the

total of 550 Major League career at bats or any

pitcher under 180 Major League innings pitched

*Exemption-B players: Any position player under

the total of 1100 Major League career at bats or

any pitcher under 360 Major League innings pitched

- Any player protected under the A-exemption can only be protected by an exemption by the same team under the B-exemption the next year. B-exemptions can not be protected by the B-exemptions by the same team in the next year. If exemption qualifying players are traded or added via the free-agent pool and have been protected by other team in previous years, the exemptions for that player start over for the particular team.

Player-X is protected under B-exemptions for Team 1 can not be protected under any exemptions for Team 1 in the next year. Player-X is acquired by Team 2 before the start of the next season. Player-X can be protected by Team 2 under the B-exemption, if the player qualifies.

-This first list is due to the Commissioner by midnight eastern Mar. 1 each year with lists distributed by the Commissioner to owners for review. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A LATE FEE OF $10 (to be added to prize of champion) AND POSSIBLE FORFEITURE OF TEAM AND FEES PAID


-Opening Day rosters will include up to 8 Minor League players, 8 Reserve players, and 16 active players: 1 each C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 2-U; 3-OF; 6-P

-16 Teams will be divided into 2 conferences of 2 four-team divisions each

*National Conference: North and West divisions

*American Conference: South and East divisions

-Schedule will be unbalanced and weighted toward 1. Division (every 5th week will be division only play) and 2. League play

-Teams will face 3 opponents per week

-Rosters may be adjusted daily


-A Primary Draft will be live and conducted at 3:00 PM Eastern on the third Saturday of March (NEXT: Mar. 15, 2008) each year and will consist of 12 rounds using a 1-16/16-1 "snake" format with the worst record from the previous season gaining the 1 position, etc. thru 8 and 9-16 based on a combination of playoff result and season record (i.e. worst = first)

-Owners are allowed up to 2 minutes to make each selection

-Minor League players may NOT be selected during the Live Draft. These players are defined as " A player with less than 130 at bats or any pitcher with less than 50 innings pitched on any roster of any Major League, Nippon (Japanese) Baseball League or Cuban National team at the time of our live draft." Barring a problem on the end of CBS, the Live Draft will NOT be paused for ANY reason.


-Our waiver system will be started 3 days prior to the first day of the MLB Season. This will allow the first waiver claims to go through 1 day previous to the start of the season. Any players claimed or added before the minor league draft must NOT meet the definition of Minor League status as stated above. Waivers will be used according to CBS guidelines.

-Players who will begin the season on the DL will be eligible for injured status 1 day previous to the start of the season.

-Protected Minor League players will be added to teams by the Commissioner NO LATER than 6 PM eastern on the Tuesday following the Live Draft. Owners may then move these players into their Active/Reserve roster or drop one or more of these players and MUST NOTIFY THE COMMISSIONER of such moves. Such moves will create openings on the team's Minor League Draft list.

-Owners will be granted Minor League draft slots ONLY according to the number of Minor League players that remain on their protected roster subtracted from 8 (e.g. list of 2 = 6 spots in ML Draft).


-The Minor League portion of the roster (up to 8) will be FROZEN beginning April 1 until the conclusion of the Minor League Draft

-A Minor League draft will begin at noon eastern on the 2nd Monday of April each year (Next: Apr. 14 2008) via email. A draft schedule will be distributed by the Commissioner between April 1 and the start of the Minor League Draft. Owners will be assigned a ONE HOUR time slot within which they may make their selection. Times will run daily until completion. First slot beginning noon eastern. Last slot beginning 10 PM eastern. ALL OWNERS M U S T abide by the format as designed by the Commissioner at the start of this draft (organization and clarity are a M U S T ). Minor League players not listed on the CBS pool may be selected in this phase.

-Owners must list CORRECT SPELLING and major league affiliate of the player

-Owners may make their selection late BUT M U S T use the last report list to be circulated

-Draft order will run the same as the primary draft (16-1/1-16).

-Following ML Draft, ML players may be carried in Active, Reserve or Minor status


-It is the responsibility of all owners to carry a legal roster at all times. A score of 0 will be given during any period in which a roster is illegal.

-Players may reside in the categories Active, Reserve, Injured or Minor according to the Tag (letter) A, DL or M located under the listing MLB found to the right of the player name on the Lineup page.

-Tags may be used ONLY as follows:

*A - Active or Reserve

*DL - Active, Reserve or Injured

*M - Active, Reserve or Minor

-Any player drafted in the Minor League draft or Minor League players called up during the season DO NOT have to be transferred to the Active/Reserve roster. At the owners discretion these players may be transferred to the Active/Reserve roster. Once a player has been moved to Active/Reserve, they cannot be transferred back to a Minor Slot until they are sent down by their real life Major League team (MLB Status code reads M).

-It is the responsibility of all owners to properly manage their teams. Mismanagement may result in the a zero score for the period(s) in question.

-Of special note: Players not on the CBS database are shown as A and should be considered to hold a M tag. Once such a player is called up to majors, he is granted to the original owner.

-Teams may place up to 2 players that have a DL tag onto their Injured roster These players may be replaced on the Active or Reserve roster by means of a waiver or free agent addition.

-Waiver order will be based on standings with the worst team at #1 each Monday


-All trades will be subject to a vote process beginning April 1 where as league owners have 48-hours to vote to approve or object to any trade

-Any trade that receives 8 objections will be vetoed

-Trades should be evaluated on MERIT and voted on accordingly.

-The deadline for trades to be accepted is midnight eastern on August 31


-Scoring will be Head-to-Head format according to CBS Sportsline rules and based on the number of categories won each period to include:


*BA (Batting Average)

*DT (Double + Triple)

*HR (Home Runs)

*R (Runs Scored)

*RBI (Runs Batted In)

*SB (Stolen Base)

*OBP (On Base Percentage)


*ERA (Earned Run Average)

*HD (Hold)

*K (Strike Outs)

*QS (Quality Start)

*S (Save)

*W-L (Wins minus Losses)

*WHIP (Walks + Hits divided by Inn. Pitched)

-Ties will be broken by FPCT (Fielding Pct.)


-Playoffs will be conducted the final three weeks to include the 2 division winners within each conference plus 2 wildcard teams within each conference (most wins)

-Alignment per conference will be #1 division winner (DW) v. #2 non-division winner (NDW) and #2 DW v. #1 NDW with winners playing each other in week #2 for the conference championship

-League championship (week #3) will be played between conference champions (week #2 winners)

-The Commissioner will set a mock playoff schedule and then reset opponents AFTER the Monday noon eastern deadline. Non-playoff teams will be taken off the schedule at this time.

-All teams may continue to utilize the add/drop system and waiver wire. However, owners may NOT change rosters after noon eastern on the final Sunday of play.

-Award money will be sent to those who qualify via Paypal (see below for disbursement amounts). Please be aware that a small portion will be deducted from these payouts by Paypal.

-Position ties will be broken (1) H2H (2) Division Record (3) Conference Record (4) Total Points Scored Season (5) Fewest Transactions (6) Coin Toss


-The work of the Commissioner is gratis. ALL fees will be used to cover the costs as follows:

*League registration fee (divided by 16)

*Paypal fees

*Prize fee set at $50 each season

-For the protection of all, payment MUST be sent via Paypal

-Prizes will be awarded via Paypal within one week of completion of tournament

-Prizes are as follows:

Division Winners: $50 ($200)

Playoff Round 1 Winners: $50 ($200)

Playoff Round 2 Winners: $50 ($100)

Runner-up: $100

Champion: $200

Roster Limits StatusMinMax Active Players1616

Reserve Players08

Injured Players02

Minors Players08

Total Players034

Position Min Max Tot Active C11

Active 1B11

Active 2B11

Active 3B11

Active SS11

Active OF33

Active U22

Active P66

Illegal rosters score zero

points in standings.

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This is team 1 that finished runner-up.

Fruit Jar Guzzlers Players 2007 MLB Scoring Stats Abreu, Bobby RF NYY

Cust, Jack LF OAK Duncan, Chris LF STL red_cross.gifLaRoche, Andy 3B LALind, Adam LF TORLongoria, Evan 3B TB news-note-recent.gifLudwick, Ryan OF STLMarte, Andy 3B CLEMartinez, Fernando OF NYMMoustakas, Michael 3B KC Pence, Hunter CF HOU Polanco, Placido 2B DETRenteria, Edgar SS DETReynolds, Mark 3B ARIRowell, William 3B BALVictorino, Shane CF PHI T

Fruit Jar Guzzlers Players 2007 MLB Scoring Stats Burnett, A.J. SP TOR Corpas, Manny RP COL Hoffman, Trevor RP SD red_cross.gifLaffey, Aaron SP CLE Masterson, Justin SP BOS Miller, Andrew SP FLA Peavy, Jake SP SD news-note.gif Ryan, B.J. RP TOR red_cross.gif Zambrano, Carlos SP CHC

We have of course 8 minor league keeper spots, you can see the eight this team has. This team will draft 15th in major league draft.

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This is team 2 that finished last & will pick 1st in minors & majors drafts.

Beltre, Adrian 3B SEA

Clevlen, Brent CF DET

Crawford, Carl LF TB

Cuddyer, Michael RF MIN

Dellucci, David LF CLE

Erstad, Darin CF HOU news-note.gif

Greene, Khalil SS SD

Hafner, Travis DH CLE

Jones, Adam CF SEA

Kinsler, Ian 2B TEX

Koshansky, Joe 1B COL

Monroe, Craig LF MIN news-note.gif

Napoli, Mike C ANA

Overbay, Lyle 1B TOR red_cross.gif

Piazza, Mike DH OAK news-note.gif

Pie, Felix CF CHC

Punto, Nick 3B MIN

Ruiz, Carlos C PHI

Thorman, Scott 1B ATL news-note-recent.gif

Vidro, Jose DH SEA


Bottomfeeders Players 2007 MLB Fielding Stats PlayerCarrasco, Carlos SP PHI news-note.gif

Farnsworth, Kyle RP NYY

Hirsh, Jason SP COL red_cross.gif

James, Chuck SP ATL

Janssen, Casey RP TOR

Jones, Todd RP DET

Maddux, Greg SP SD

Meche, Gil SP KC

Petit, Yusmeiro SP ARI

Schilling, Curt SP BOS

Torres, Salomon RP MIL news-note.gif

Wainwright, Adam SP STL

Wood, Kerry RP CHC

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If you are interested, please either PM me here, or post a reply & I will get my commish to send you an invite. Thanks, & we are looking for active owners. Team 2 had two dead owners all of last year.....Vegeta

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