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Need owners for 12 team 6X6 H2H AL/NL combo league with minors

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This is a very unique league designed by 2 long time members of the original AL only Fenway league because we wanted to create the best fantasy league possible. Nobody likes to lose players to the "other" league and it's fun to be able to follow both leagues so we created this combo league and gave owners the choice to have a team in both leagues or just an AL only or NL only. Currently, most of our owners have a team on both sides and for the ones that don't, they are assigned a "sister" team in the other league. If a player on that sister team is traded to the other league then the sibling team receives that player and vice versa. So there is really no disadvantage to having a combo team or just a team from one league.

This is a competitive league but we all have fun. All of the owners have been playing FBB for years and know minor leagues and major leagues very well. We are also baseball fans and love the real game as much as the fantasy one. It's lively, it's competitive it's about as close to the real thing as we all can get. We are seeking knowledgeable respectful owners that will add value to the league and help us continue to improve the quality and fun.

League Description

Leagues are

Fenway- AL

Wrigley- NL


CBS Sportsline


super experienced, great guy, knowledgeable and most of all fair. He makes our league one of the best out there.


great group of guys located all over the US (SD, Austin, Wisconsin, New York, LA, FLorida)

Tenure of league

core group 15 years running


12 team, 6X6, H2H, daily transactions, playoff system


Very competitive, all owners must be very knowledgeable about minor and major league players, adept at trading and management. All owners are responsible for maintaining the long term quality of their team. No dumping, collusion, profanity or disrespect will be tolerated. It's a league for true baseball fans that want to try to beat some of the best fantasy leaguers and baseball junkies in the country. A great place to meet some online friends too.


We are looking for serious owners looking to build and maintain their teams for at least a 2 year period. If you just want to come in roll the dice and kick the tires- this league is not for you.

League Fee

$60. Paid upfront every year just before spring training.

Prize money

All playoff teams are in the money. Title winners get the big kitty. Also a BASH winner in each league will win a sum of money during the BASH week contest.



(2) Combo teams (AL and NL)

(1) NL Only team

Please contact:

Dean (


Mitch (

for immediate consideration and for more details on the teams and full constitution contact us asap.

available teams will go fast and we would like to choose the owners by the end of January so they have a couple months before opening day to make some moves.

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