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$50 Keeper / Auction Roto league needs 1 replacement owner (Fantrax)

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We're in the 4th year of this ten-team keeper league, and I just had an owner tell me he won't be returning. It's a great league (in my humble opinion), and very competitive. It uses contracts (so, an auction), a salary cap, and an 8-man prospect roster. Each roster has 37 players in all. It is a 5*5 league (with OBP instead of AVG, and Wins+Quality Starts instead of just wins). Also, we play on Fantrax, and there are currently no league fees.

The team you'd be inheriting finished in third place this year, and has lots of usable pieces going forward. The MLB keepers (depending on what the new owner decides) can include Rizzo, Cespedes, Brantley, VMart, Ryu, Teheran, Gerrit Cole. They could also include Greinke, Kershaw, and Altuve, depending on how much you value them. On the prospect side, the team has a couple terrific pieces in Jorge Soler and Francisco Lindor, and a few other interesting ones in Jackie Bradley, Julio Urias, Tyler Glasnow, and Garin Cecchini. It's important to note that this team does NOT have a first round draft pick (it was traded away), but it does have two in the back end of the second round.

In any case, in this league teams can only keep a maximum of 8 MLB players (and no minimum), which means that one doesn't need great keepers to be competitive. This team could have a large budget to spend in auction, in a year where Miggy, Bautista, Encarnacion, Strasburg, MadBum, Upton, Donaldson -- and probably Tulo, Hanley, Cano and Cutch -- will be free agents. Those are only a few of the names.

In this league, we require that you pay a year in advance, in order to ensure that no owners ever just totally dump. This has worked very well for us. It does mean, though, that you will need to pay $100 up front, but you would have pre-paid for the next two seasons (2015 and 2016) that way. Most importantly, it means that you play in a league without owners dumping and running, etc.

Email if you have any interest, and I can send you more details, including the league forum (so you can see the league's history and read the rules) and the full league roster grid. My email is

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