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Do you love fantasy baseball? Do you eat, sleep and breath it?

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Hello everyone, I come to you from the servers of ESPN in search of one person ready to join the best league they will ever be in.

The league is a group of active and committed dudes, and has been around since 2009. Although obviously not mandatory, there is a chatbox at your leisure where you can talk fantasy, real sports, real life stuff, etc... The chatbox is roaring practically all day long, as well as all year long because of our basketball league. It really is a good group of guys, and anyone would enjoy being in the company of a league of smart, friendly owners.

The league itself is a 16 team league. Head to head each category, with quality starts and OBP included. 7 teams make the playoffs, and there are 6 keepers.

I've seen owners come in to worse situations than this one, trust me. I've watched new guys come in to complete dumps and have had to turn them around. However, it's a fun challenge being that everyone is in it to win.

The team features:

Miguel Cabrera

Dustin Pedroia

Melky Cabrera

James Shields

Yordano Ventura

Matt Adams

Elvis Andrus

Josh Hamilton

I come months before the season because I want to make sure I find the right guy who will fit and flourish in this league. I want to give them an oppurtunity to make some deals if they choose, and to get to know everyone.

So if you are interested, contact me on this post, or my email which is

I hope to receive some serious inquiries and look forward to introducing the next piece of our league!

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