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Early Recruiting for 2015 CBS H2H Dynasty League

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Hello Baseball fans,

We are in the middle of the offseason and enjoying the hot stove time of year. I am currently recruiting for a new 16 team H2H Dynasty League that will be played on CBS sports starting this coming 2015 season. If you like what you read below please respond with a detailed message to my email address.

We are searching for owners who have a great passion for fantasy baseball. Owners that have patience, long-term thinking, good baseball knowledge and the passion to engage in daily activity in a very active league. We do not want to become a league with a silent owner group and just setting lineups. We want owners who actively seek out posting on the league site, engage in league talks, etc etc and in general just active on a regular basis.

The league setup is as follows:

16 Teams



Daily Lineups

MLB Team Names

$50 ( Leaguesafe )


Starting Lineups:



7 Reserves

3 DL

20 Minors



Single = 1pt

Double = 2pt

Triple = 3pt

Homerun = 4 Pt

Run = 1 pt

Walk = 1pt

Hit for Cycle = 5 pts

Grand Slam = 3 pt

Stolen Base = 1pt

Sac Fly = 1 pt

Sacrifice = 1pt

RBI= 1pt



BBI = -.5

Blown Save= -2 pts

Complete Game = 5 pts

Wins = 7 pts

Saves = 5 pts

Quality Start = 3 pts

Shutout = 5 pts

No Hitters = 10 pts

Perfect Game = 15 pts

Earned Run = -1

Hit Allowed = -.5

Strikeout = 1 pt

Inning pitched = 2 pts

Standings / Playoffs.

The league will consist of American League and National League Conferences.

Two American league divisions and Two National League divisions. All 4 divisions will consist of 4 teams each.

Playoffs will consist of two division winners per conference and two wild card teams per conference. Total teams in playoffs = 8 teams.

Winning Money

All money is safely secured in our leaguesafe account. At the conclusion of each season the money will be dispersed to winnings owners thru the leaguesafe system.

Annual Draft

Each season the league will have a 5 round draft comprised of all the newly drafted players from that years MLB first-year player draft.

Inaugural Draft

Our very first draft in this league will be done via the random draft option on the CBS system.

To be determined: The league will either do the MLB player draft first, OR the prospect draft first. Regardless of which draft is done first, the initial draft is setup as random and the draft that is done 2nd has the order made up of the reverse order of 1st round of first draft.

League Disclaimer

** Not all rules are set in stone. It's only November so some minor tweaks are subject to change and here and there based on feedback from owners.**

To be considered for ownership in this league please email the above address with a detailed response. Please do not send an email with just stating " I'm interested". We are looking for owners who ask questions and are serious about being a part of a great new league that has long-term commitment and sustainability.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to your emails!

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