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$50 Keeper / Auction Roto league needs 1 replacement owner (Fantrax)

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An owner has mysteriously disappeared from my league, and I need to find a replacement quickly as we are starting our offseason activity.

This is a $50 league that requires that owners always are paid up for two seasons (to avoid cut and runs, deadbeats, dumping, etc). The money is held securely on LeagueSafe. It's a 5*5 roto league (with OBP and W+QS instead of AVG. and W, respectively). Teams can have up to 8 keepers (by signing them to contracts), and 8-man farm teams are also be carried over the offseason.

This team does not have many good keepers, but in our league that's not a huge disadvantage as it just means the owner will have a lot of money in a year where Miggy, Bautista, Encarnacion, Strasburg, MadBum, Upton, Donaldson -- and probably Tulo, Hanley, Cano and Cutch -- will be free agents. Those are only a few of the names.

Most importantly, this team is loaded with top prospects: Byron Buxton, Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, and Dylan Bundy are the headliners. They also have the 7th pick in the prospect draft.

I am going to give this team to the person that makes the best offer. I am hoping that the new owner will pay "full price", in which case some or all of the former owner's advances will be returned to him (if he ever shows up again) or used to pad future prize pools or pay for league fees, but if no one offers full price, I am willing to offer the team at a discount.


Please email me at to get a look at the roster and rules, etc.

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