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AL/NL League Needs 1 Experienced/Active Owner for AL Team

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Year round league needs 1 dedicated owner to replace original TAMPA BAY owner who can no longer devote the time necessary to actively manage his team and stay competitive.


- Separate 10 team AL (AL players only) league and 10 team NL (NL players only) league

- 4 divisions, 2 in each league; regular season schedule and playoffs are league specific culminating in traditional AL vs. NL World Series.

- 25 man player roster with 5-15 keepers and 5 player farm system

- Annual auction draft ($260 team budget)

- Offline minor league draft for players without MLB experience

- $75 FAAB budget for in-season acquisitions

- 7x7 H2H most categories

- Tampa Bay major pool to pick keepers from includes Carlos Santana, Kyle Seager, Ben Zobrist, Kole Calhoun, Alex Cobb and Matt Moore; farm keeper roster includes Carlos Correa, Alex Meyer and Gary Sanchez

- Optional designated franchise player

- 1-4 year contracts required for drafted minor league prospects after certain criteria is met

- League page contains links to settings/rules/regulations and include tracking salaries, contracts, farm teams, keepers, draft picks etc.

- Good knowledge of the minor leagues is a plus but most important is being active, dedicated and competitive.

- Active in-season chatroom; owner needs to regularly check league page during off-season due to interleague trading roster changes and various league matters

- If interested and looking for a league with continuity, please email the league manager (Terry) at briefly describing your background and include any questions you might have.

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